Smart Phones-Not So Smart Me

I love technology, smart phones and what it can do for my life and schedule. But today, I found out what it means to have a smart phone, iPhone, and yet not feel so smart. I ran out the door today to meet my sweetheart for a coffee break and forgot my phone at home. I realized it about a mile or two from home. My thinking is if I go back to get it, I will keep him waiting and he doesn’t have that long of a break. So I truck on to meet him. I get to our meeting point and he is nowhere to be found. I can’t call him nor can he contact me. I walk around looking for him, and then go back to the coffee shop and wait. I also realize I have nothing to do while I am sitting there. I have no iPhone to make notes on, read from, or listen to a podcast while I am waiting. So I am thinking that maybe he got called out. It was a long 35 minutes and so I decided to leave. My iPhone wasn’t helping me be smart at all sitting at home. Disclaimer: not the iPhone’s fault but the owner.

As I was driving back home, I thought of what lesson I can learn from today other than checking for my phone each time I leave the house. : ) It dawned on me what God may feel like sometimes with regard to communion time with us. He has given us the device by which we can contact him anytime to communicate with him. And that my friend is prayer. We don’t ever have to worry about leaving it somewhere because it can go with us wherever we are. He wants to keep those lines open and His line is never busy!  It’s not like I don’t have His phone number and address. But we can get busy with our lives and go out the door without using our best device; prayer. We don’t need bluetooth or apps to reach Him. It is a direct hot line right to His throne!

So as you pick up your cell phone, smart phone or iPhone next time, ask yourself, “Did I use my God-given device today? Did I pray and ask God to lead me to the right person? He is waiting for you to call. By the way, as I came in the back way and I was sitting IN the meeting place waiting, my husband was sitting out by the road so that I could easily see him! Isn’t that the way?


One thought on “Smart Phones-Not So Smart Me

  1. This was a perfect illustration about not allowing frustration to set into a situation that does not pan out according to our original plan.
    Many times the Greater Plan in life has large elements of quiet time to reflect, pray, learn to love yourself, and just getting back to the simple basics, PEACE and QUIET.

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