Waiting…Are You Good At It?

Do you ever get sick of waiting? Waiting for something important to be completed, a task to get done, or circumstances to change? I think you would agree we could make a LONG list of things we have had to wait on. It’s not fun. We are walking the floor and tapping our feet so to speak for something to happen, change or come to fruition.

Let me give you an example in my own life that shows what this struggle is for me. I am a type of person that if something needs to be done, I do it and get it behind me and off my list. I rarely procrastinate on anything. I know this is what needs to be done so I do it. If it is a big job, I will break it down in pieces to work on it over a few days if needed. I might not like the job, but I work til it’s done. I might even be known to make a list of the tasks so I have direction to get them done and cross off my list. I make decisions the same way. I don’t go off half-cocked and just run head long into it, but if there is something I want to have done, then I want to complete it and get it done. Not months later, but now. If I need to make phone calls, I make them. I follow up. I talk to the people I need to talk to get information for my decision so the next step can be taken. Getting the picture a bit clearer? Well…keep reading.

Ok here is the kicker. I live with someone who in the last six years, has become completely the opposite. Here are a few comments I will get when it is taking forever:

  • I will get to it.
  • I said I would get to it.
  • What is your problem?
  • I will do it tomorrow.
  • What is your big hurry? I’ll get to it.

Do you any of you recognize that scenario? Have you ever been the one to give those responses? The more I want it to be done, the longer it seems to take for its completion. It’s hard when you are coming for two different places. One is saying I will get it done when I get it done, and the other is working more on this year’s schedule than current time frame. I just got a window blind up that we have had for over a year and it just got put up. Yes…waiting is not my strong suit. I would rather get it done and enjoy the fruits of the labor. Which one are you?

So back to waiting. Here are some thoughts I am reminded of in regards to waiting. I know that God can teach a lot of things in the waiting room. It’s not fun, or even pleasant at times, but He uses it all to teach us. We can sometimes learn some of life’s greatest lessons in the waiting room. We are so used to getting everything quickly and we get impatient if we have to wait at all. But when we are better at waiting, we often can look back and see His hand in the circumstances. We might then be able to hear His voice and and get direction, if we aren’t kicking up dust and talking to ourselves about long we have waited. We don’t know what He is doing while we wait. He may be directing right person to help, or the right doctor to see, the best price on something, just a lesson we need to learn, or others are watching us to see how we handle it. In my case, how is JoAnn going to handle this?

Sometimes, it’s finding out we aren’t so good at it and God wants us to improve our time in the waiting room. There are things we can do to aid in the process, when we give up on pushing through. We may need to ask him for strength or the ability not to grow weary, or just be mad. You see, when you get impatient with the waiting, it can cause undue stress and weariness, as well as, loss of energy yourself. So when we learn to turn the waiting over, then it makes it easier on us. The people that may cause our waiting, most likely don’t care. If they did, they would do something different. They don’t. It’s like forgiveness. We don’t forgive because the person who hurt us needs or wants it, because they likely don’t care. We forgive because it is the best for us. Same goes here. We can’t hold on to the anger of impatience or it only hurts us. And I’m saying this to myself today as well. This is lesson is a reminder to me also.

Waiting isn’t wasted. We have time to sift through our feelings, our circumstances, even our motives. Are we trusting or are we complaining. Is it strengthening our faith or testing our faith? Don’t give up. Keep seeking the answers for you in waiting periods. It isn’t easy if you are the check it off the list person. I know. But…you just might find that one day the door opens and the waiting is over, and you walk though the door for the answer you have been waiting for.

Today maybe I will get my Mother’s Day gift light up in my kitchen. There is hope! And I am waiting. There is Someone who truly knows my heart and He will take care of me however it goes.

Here is to waiting with the right attitude. He did get the light up today, bless his heart!! Might even get my moon light up today for the entry also! God is good. Waiting well is key.

Until next time…



Changes Or Cover-ups

The last several days have been quite the adventure! I have watched our home be scraped and sanded, and scraped and sanded some more. You know, a house takes pretty good care of us if we take good care of it. Show it a little love. But when we don’t, things happen to it like the weather along with the way it hits and batters our home. How easy it can be for leaves and twigs to gather in our gutters and down spouts. Heat can cause our home’s glory to fade and/or blister over time. So even as the previous owners may not have wanted to, or just couldn’t take care of this home, and any repairs were less than stellar, it is still standing and hopefully, we will bring some beauty back to its outside cedar walls. So… what has that got to do with changes and cover-ups? Let me share a few thoughts with you about what came to mind as I did a walk-around and took a picture of the pre-finished prep and painting.

First came the bath. Power washing an older home with cedar wood siding can bring surprises. BIG surprises…such as wood needing replacement. Then after house drying, came the listening to the drone of a scraper going across our walls and the sander sanding down the rough spots. It was rather painful to me. There were some warped areas even that need to be straightened out by extra support. However, it made me think of how my life has had many rough patches, splinters and chips that have needed to be taken off by the Carpenter Himself. When our contractor did this for the house, it was for the better and longer life of the home. He was cleaning it, smoothing out the wood as much as possible for the age of the cedar, and preparing it for the next step. The next step was to fill anything that might need filling, priming spots that needed it to accept the paint that was coming. But what if you had to change the color scheme completely? Roll baby roll with it. We had to just that, from blues to green with off white trim.

But…let’s pause and think about that. What would happen if he just would have come here and just started painting? The paint would have looked ok for a while maybe, but in a not too distant future, the paint would have shed off the old cedar and we would have a multi-colored home with bleeding of old paint. The paint would not have adhered to the wood given how dusty it was and the problem areas of the siding. All the work and money would be for not.

So… do you ever carry your bad experiences or anger, and have a few chips and splinters and rough patches that you refuse to allow to be cared for? You know you need it, but may not willing to deal with it or do the work required, along with God’s help, to see where it may need some extra attention for you to let it all go? Oh we can try to cover it up with a life style we show everyone in person or on social media, or by the clothes we wear, or the house or car have, or purse we carry. We can even hide the sadness on my face with makeup so we look good for others. However, we could be crying inside, or be lonely even among many people. We could purchase “things” so that we feel better, or have a glass of wine thinking that will do the trick. But it won’t. We still have to live with ourselves. We know what we think and feel like…like an old house needing attention. That is why God tells us to know Him more and more, and He will guide and direct us. He helps us shed what needs to be shed.

I believe God was reminding me today that it isn’t about all that. It is about what I am willing to let go of, and how much excavating I am willing to do to smooth out the rough areas. That IS my responsibility. God will help me if I am willing. However, I have to be willing to do the work. It is work to do what the contractor did for the house prep. He knows the value of getting that all accomplished before painting. And even though all that work is done, it will still carry some of those rough spots…the scars of living. I have plenty of those and they show and give testimony to how I have made it through with God’s help. I don’t like them, but they remind me of what God has brought me through. Ask God to be your sandpaper and rub off the things He needs to work on, or chip off what needs to be chipped off. It is a process that will sting a little, but He is faithful to help us. And.. IF you think you don’t have areas to work on, you are in some kind of denial. Why?? Because we all have them. We just have gotten good at hiding them from ourselves and others. It will come out at some point. Better to do the work before that happens. It is my hope at some point to add a little Norwegian flair to the peaks of the home. But that it a day from my oldest son to add to our personal touches.

This house was a legacy to someone before us. Mark Batterson says, “Legacy is not what you accomplish. Legacy is what others accomplish because of you.” God has given us a house…it is our desire to make it a home where others feel something different in its presence. So as I walk around it today with the front of it being done without the trim painting, I can see progress to loving on a home with all its issues as a way to give back to God the joy of caring for what He has graciously given us. We will continue to be faithful to that end. Even when there will be areas that continue to remind us of the value you a few scars…it means we have lived.

Doesn’t your life scream for that also? Mine does. I want to leave a legacy to those around me, and who love and care for me. Don’t you see how God cares for you each day you wake up to breathe the fresh air? Because, if you have taken that for granted and just think you deserve to live here and do what you do, then I hope you see the value of this lesson about life differently after reading this. You were given a life, and many haven’t had that privilege of a long life. You have the opportunity to build a legacy with your freedom; to make it what you would you desire and leave that legacy behind. Start where you can, with what you have, and keep stepping forward. He is faithful to guide us if we don’t think we are so smart that we don’t need Him. We do now more than ever. I know I do and I’m sure if you are honest with yourselves, you could admit there are areas of your life you need do something about. Are you covering it up to try and hide it, or letting God work with you to prepare you for what is next? That’s the rub, isn’t it? Letting Him in to do the work. It might take some time and hurt for a while. However, the end result is pretty amazing. Lessons are not always easy or fun, but you can feel grateful for the grace given for the journey you are on.

Let Him do a little remodeling in your heart and in your thinking. We will have a home to remind us of just that. We still have to do the maintenance on the house to keep it in good condition. We have to do the same thing in our daily lives. Our home is still not done, but we will have a better version of our home when it is complete. And…I did get my red door still!

Remember the seeing the picture of the Jesus knocking at the door? We have heard that verse about Jesus standing at the door of your heart, but WE must open the door. Do you know why that says that? Because if you look at the picture of the original, you will find there is no handle on the outside of the door. That is because we have to open it from the inside to allow Him entry.

Until next time…


P.S. I have decided through prayer, that my weekly posts may have been more me than Him, so I chosen not to continue that part of this blog. Given my blog is what this site is for, I will stay with that. Thank you so much for being faithful in your readership. I appreciate all of you! Enjoy the sunshine.

Maintaining in Life

Sometimes we struggle to keep our spirits up and focused on the right things. It is a struggle for everyone at times. And…it can go sideways quickly. I find there are things I can do however, to get back on track. What about you??

I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas about you keep your spirits up. If you have a moment, please leave your ideas in the comments. Until next time…


What’s Around The Corner?

Sometimes, it is one simple thing that can make all the difference. What is that one thing for you today?

I am sorry I missed this last Friday’s post, but I was on the road. But maybe it was just so I could take this picture to explain my thought for the week! Who knows? Well…God does. You know He is always there!

Until next time…


New Every Morning

When the evening and the dark close in, it can be hard for us to break through the hard stuff. We also have a tendency to be more emotional at night. So remember this verse when you experience those times. I was certainly reminded of that as we left home early today and saw all the beautiful sunrise and we were led by the half moon all the way.

I am making a change in “The Loft” posts. I will be posting once a week on Wednesdays instead of twice week, so this post today will be my post for this week and I will see you next week on Wednesday.

Until next time from The Loft…


Past Visits Present

Hello everyone! I hope this week has started off well for you. I had a fun little visit from the past today in a well-packed little package in my mail box. I was reminded of a couple of things and thought I would share those thoughts with you.

My sweet package was a book which shocks anyone that knows me! Hahaha! It was a cookbook on good meals and how to prepare them. Now mind you, this book is a third edition with a copyright of 1927. I know from my experience that those times were hard for my ancestors and they learned, because they had to, how to make food go further and to use what was available to them. Now the fun part was looking inside the cover to find recipes that had been kept in there and were cut out from a newspaper. I immediately thought of my mom. She had SO many of those and some were pasted to a 3×5 card and others were just stuck in between the cards. We had a whole big draw of them to go through when she passed away. Some of them went to my kids; especially some that were hand written by her. I still have many, many of them along with those she collected from friends.

This bookshop took such great care in how they packaged the book to make sure it arrived in good condition. What a blessing that is when you are purchasing a rare and hard to find vintage book. With everything being so disposable in this day and age, I find it very refreshing to know that someone cares enough to find and share these books. It is their business to find them and their business to share them; even to the point of leaving recipes in the book as they found them. They aren’t just tossing books out because they are not relevant to today. We have moved toward making our life a toss-away society…what once was is not for today. That gives my heart a squeeze of sadness. I have many old treasures in my home and they are still giving life to me just as they did to my parents and grandparents and maybe beyond them. I love that a book of tried and true recipes that are simple but good, can still be a part of my present. My mom sure would have enjoyed this book.

We are inundated with new and sparkly things for our life and home. We have access to more and more ideas, recipes, fashions, decór, name brands and acquiring the newest of everything. I have done some of that myself. However, I also value what is old and sturdy and works for me. I value having less and I’m working on that by sharing here and there with others to streamline. But… I never tire of the tried and true traditions that I have known as I grew up. I treasure them now more than ever. These old ways would be like saying that because this Bible that was in my dad’s things is not relevant for today because it is old (which sadly seems to be what many believe today), when the truth of it is, that is says the same things today and it gives the same insight and teaching as it did the day it was printed. There was a lesson folded in it that was printed in 1919 and that was the year of his birth. So you see, we keep the old because of what it can teach us today, as well as, the lessons we may not learn today because we see them as irrelevent.

There are many items in the cookbook we don’t eat today, but for cooks in that time, it was what was available to them to feed the family. I often think of my grandma who cooked on wood stove her whole life, with the exception of the last maybe 5 or so years. What a job that was! But I never heard one complaint from her. It had been her job as a young girl to cook for a farmer’s crew. Now, at this time, to have the recipes and all the other helps to be a good cook and housewife is a pretty cool book to have and to learn from!

So what does this have to do with today? Maybe we need to go back to some of those simple ways, to dial down and enjoy days like today with the snow falling here and stand on the porch of our homes and enjoy the silence the snow gives. To enjoy the blanket of beauty the snow brings…it won’t last forever. Call a friend and say hello with a voice call instead of a text or email. Because you see, those old ways and old people, as some see it today, have a story to tell. Why do you think Ancestry has become so popular? People want to know about those times and people that came before them. However, many didn’t ask or care to ask. Later, they wish they had taken the time, or pressed for answers. I think sometimes our relatives didn’t think we really cared so they didn’t share even when asked. I feel like it is more important today than ever! We get so busy with life and running and new and the best, that we forget we aren’t promised a tomorrow and we never know what is around the corner.

So I opened this book up and found a simple recipe for apple fritters and made them. Fantastic! It made my day. We have time for social media, many of us, so cut that time in half and do something with your family and friends. Get an old cookbook out, read a classic, have a tea or coffee on FaceTime with a friend from miles away. I think my folks would be proud of who I am and who I became. I hope my family sees in me those traits we can learn from a simple book in the mail and… the past that makes its way into the present.

Don’t miss it. It can bring joy right into the deepest parts of our hearts if we let it. Share in the comments your thoughts and pictures of your special treasured item or activity that you have done, or might do in the future.

Until next time…