About JoAnn


Hello!  My name is JoAnn. I am excited that you have come to my blog to see what I am about. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and felt this was the time! What you will find out about me is that I enjoy encouraging others and I hope this will be a place you come to for that.  I am a wife, mom to 4, grandma to 1. I enjoy reading, learning, music, photography, creating things, technology, connecting with people, and shopping in Thrift Stores and Anitque Shops and… the thrill of the find! I live in the great Pacific Northwest and I enjoy all of the beautiful creation around me.

Let me ask you something… Have you ever wondered why blogging is so popular? I think it is because people need connection. Connection with others is very important and it is at the center of our well-being. When we are connected, we can break out of the our isolation and enter a more spacious place. I hope that this blog is a “spacious place” where you can find connection as we walk the journey of life together.

Grab a mocha or cup of tea and sit a while with me in this spacious place where you can feel free to connect. God bless you.


9 thoughts on “About JoAnn

    1. Thank you! It was so great to have a chance to come and hear some good information. I love to learn more and have been seeking out ways of learning without a lot of cost involved. So I read my head off and use the camera ALL the time! Your class was great! Thanks so much for doing it! If you do a class on Lightroom, I will be the first one there!!! I also started a photography blog on blogger at http://www.journeysofmyheart.blogspot.com for sharing the photos but find the blogs hard to do photography in many cases. I enhanced it a bit to personalize the look but still it is rather difficult. Thanks again and also thanks for the encouragement!

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