This week has been a busy week!  We are preparing for a trip back east and headed ultimately for North Dakota.  But, we are excited to see all the sights in-between!  So I will be posting some about the trip here on the blog, and I hope you will enjoy the sights and sounds of our road trip with me. We will see cousins on the way in Wenatchee and Moses Lake, WA.  The areas we hope to visit are Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole, Cody, Mount Rushmore, and whatever else we have time to see.  We will visit a cousin’s restaurant while in North Dakota for some good food.  Then, we will be meeting up in Verona, North Dakota for a reunion on my mom’s side of the family.  I’m very much looking forward to sharing stories and life with them for a few days!  We will have a chance to share genealogy together too and that will be so fun!  I’m taking my mom and dad with me in spirit!  God is good to help us make this trip and we are very excited for it to start!  We hope to come back home along the coast line and THAT is going to be awesome too.  My camera is going to get a BIG workout these next two weeks!  Watch for the posts!

So, I will leave you today with a question I posted today on Facebook:

Do you believe that your best life is behind you, or, in front of you?  I will be checking back for your answers!  Blessings to each one of you that faithfully follow the blog.  I appreciate you!

Walking the journey with you…



5 thoughts on “Travelers2

  1. At age 77, I think the best of my life is behind me. I have no regrets. I have lived a very good life and very full life. As I age, I am slowing down my life and doing fewer activities. I plan to keep on exercising so I can continue to drive and be out and about. I am more active than most of my friends. I expect my future life to be good. I plan to go out to lunch more often with friends and spend more time reading books, communicating through the internet, and talking on the phone with friends and family. I do not plan to take long trips. About once a month, I traval via Amtrak for 1 1/2 hours and spend three or four days at a time with my family. They usually drive me back home.

    1. Thanks for sharing Barb! You certainly have lived your life well! I think slowing down is a good thing no matter the age. We get ourselves too tied up in knots with all we feel we have to take part in. I’m glad that you are now taking the time to do what you want to do and spending time with family and friends. You got the good stuff down pat! So good to hear from you Barb and I hope that baby I might be one of those future friends that you have lunch with! Hugs to you and thanks again for taking the time to share! Loved hearing from you!

      1. I would enjoy having lunch with you. We have lots of choices in Bellingham.

    1. It is fun to live in expectation of what is to come! I certainly enjoy that kind of thinking. I don’t know either what is ahead but I do know the One who does! Thanks for sharing Jeanne!

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