Advent ~ Our Heritage

Advent ~ Our Heritage
This has been a fun project that was pressed on my heart to do. I hope you are enjoying it.
This little lady standing next to my gnome reminds me of my heritage. I’m Norwegian and so this ornament was one I purchase on my last little road trip. I have learned a lot about my family heritage; on both my parents’ side of the family. It has been a fun adventure and sometimes confusing to figure it all out. But I love learning about it and more clearly understand where I came from, as well as, gaining insight into the lives of my family.
You see, we all have a heritage. We may not like some of it, but it doesn’t mean we have to live in the parts we don’t like. We live and gain connection from the parts we do. The traditions of Christmas bind us together. They give us a sense of belonging and comfort. We celebrate according to those traditions and they bring us goodwill, comfort, joy and love. You can create that for you, your family and future generations. 🙂
In terms of the Advent Season, we also have a heritage in the family of God. We have a church family that help us to build a life of serving God and loving on others. We have a Bible that can give us all we need to know to learn about our heritage. Some of that history wasn’t so great either, but God shows us how we can live and create a new life for ourselves through His forgiveness and through the giving of His Son to be born as a baby and later die for our not so good stuff. We start anew! We have the comfort of a God who loves us; a Father who understands. We have the assurance of a heavenly home. THAT is our heritage.
May this Christmas bring you all the above!
And they’ll know we are Christians by our love…
Until next time~

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