The Dance

I have been busy planning a wedding…my brother and future sister-in-law. It has been a fun and busy time and it is great to see all their wishes for their special day come together. I wonder as I plan this, if the time of planning a wedding is a precursor to what working things out in a marriage relationship will be for their future. You have to learn to compromise and keep even temperaments during these times because emotions are high. It’s kind of give and take; a dance. You can’t be mad at someone and dance with them. It would be difficult to say the least. But in a dance you are holding each other, usually in close proximity, and moving together with the rhythm of the music. Back and forth, turning around, and in and out. Life is like that too. We have to move through it together. We have dance to the rhythm of life. We have to side step the unexpected and move around it. We move out from each other but we always come back together.

So as this journey of their life begins, it gave me pause for thought. Do I still dance the dance of life as I did in the beginning? Are there things in my life that need to change to move in better rhythm to the dance with my sweetheart? The theme for my marriage is the word “Dance”. I don’t ever want to forget that life is a dance and I want to do it together with the one I love. There is no better music and dance then that.

Dance on Keith and Mylan!


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