The Crossroads of Journey and Growth

The lead photo is of two rings I bought in the past that represent my life quite easily. I don’t make purchases of things like that without it having meaning to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have to like the look of them true, but they also need to have some significance to me if I am going to spend money on reminders that will be in my life forever. This picture represents where my up and down and around type of journey and my growth meet.It is a crossroads we all will have to choose. So, let me ask you a few questions and see if you have intersections like this in your life.

Way back when in your younger days, what did you think your life would look like?

Did you kind of plan it yourself, or did you ask God to show you what He had in mind for you?
Did you experience a close enough relationship with God to ask Him that hard question?
Did you have your own ideas and thought God would help you reach those goals?
Did it work out the way you planned?

You see, if I was honest, I would have to say that I had my own goals and worked toward them really without thinking of what God may have planned for me. And even at times when I really kind of knew He was saying no, I am a goal orientated person and just kept going toward my end game. It has taken many twists and turns and ups and downs of my journey through life to get to where I think God wants me to be and do what He wants me to do. I still have to seek Him for direction every day, and for the same determination as before, for me to do what God has called for me to do. Some of my downs have been pretty deep valleys. However, I have had also some awesome mountain top experiences.

But to get into that kind of relationship where I go to Him first, ask His direction, and the obedience to step out and do it????? THAT is where the growth comes. Those leaves on the ring above represented to me that I must always keep growing and learning. Learning from my mistakes, seeking the changes I need to make, and picking myself up after falling down means that I am free to try again. No condemnation or feelings of failure. I learned something valuable. I have to “trust the process” as the saying goes in sports. It means that things may not look how we want them to look, but God has a plan to make it better. We have to trust Him to do that.

I think of countless ways he has done that in my life! Just recently, God answered a prayer that I have prayed for over 20+ years. Not only did He answer it in a single way, but he blessed my answer with my cup overflowing, which in turn I can share that answer with the people in my life. Why would God do that? I believe that when we stay in close relationship with God, we ask things unselfishly of God, walk in relationship and obedience WITH God, He will answer; not always will it be more than, but He will answer in the way He thinks is best for us. In that we must be satisfied. It will also be a way in which, if we choose to, we can certainly give God the glory for the answer.

I have given Him the glory! It is such a miracle that only He could have done it. I have another ring to honor this climb to see His glory revealed and it reminds me every day that He wants to show us these things; not rings or stuff, but His love for us and faithfulness to each of us. You see, I was happy with the first answer. But when He went over and above all that I asked, I believe He wanted to remind me again of His ability to give over and above what we ask or think! How cool is that?

Where does your journey and growth paths intersect in your life? Because they have to do that. We will always have the ups and downs in life…that is just what life is. God tells us to expect that in His Word. However, He is right there to show us what it means, and if we trust the process of relationship with Him, then He WILL show Himself faithful to work in our circumstances! He SO wants to do that. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t about things for me, but He knows the things and experiences that will speak to me personally.

Don’t give up on the prayers you pray. We don’t know when He will answer, and we also have to accept His timing and what answer He gives. 20+ years is a long time to wait for an answer. However, The reason I think I had to wait that long is the lesson of never giving up. The s second reason is that He could do an even greater thing by the time that passed. I think He loves nothing more that to see us walking in faith with Him, so that, He can show Himself mightily in our lives! He is mighty in my life, that is for sure. Over and over again He is faithful.

Do leave your thoughts in the comments below and let me know how God spoke to you through the above thoughts.

Until next time…


ps: Want to see my new reminder? Ok…here you go! Keep in mind, my rewards are usually small but significant to me. However, this was a total miracle that took place and that is certainly something for me to celebrate in a big way in life and the story of this ring will be passed on to someone else in my life as a reminder to them!


4 thoughts on “The Crossroads of Journey and Growth

  1. Beautiful ring. I really have nothing too much monumental to say other than when I was growing up l was lost. Lost for many years. God tried to get my attention many times. He did succeed when I lived in Lompoc because I gave my life to him. Many many ups and downs with the Lord by my side. I know he was as I would have never come this far. Put down Alcohol and Drugs. I asked him for help and in a instant I threw away all the bad stuff and my cravings were gone never to return. I asked he listened. A short prayer of God please help me I can’t do this anymore! Done. Well that’s what popped out. I had a visit from Dad a few nights ago. He was so happy and joyful dancing around smiling at me. Blessed.

    1. You know, it is so great when God gives us such continued presence in our lives…when we allow it. What a testimony you have. I am glad that you had that vision of your dad. Congratulations on your progress day by day. We all have to commit to the journey no matter what journey we live here on earth. I’m proud of your accomplishments.

  2. Thanks for what you wrote. I’m not consistent in my prayers but am trying to do better.
    I’m praising God for answered prayers that my husband is getting better from his several health problems this Spring. Things are healing, he feels better, and is able to get out and do yard work again. Praise God!
    I have neglected some things in my life to help him and he is very thankful for me.
    Thanks for your uplifting blog, and it is a good reminder to keep praying and talking to God about everything.
    PS. Beautiful ring! I just went through some of my jewelry and donated to my church’s garage sale several items that I no longer wear which I put into 19 ziplock bags. It is good that purge sometimes.

    1. Not seeing my reply to you Dianne so just in case it didn’t post during the problems with the wordpress, I want to say that I so enjoy your diligence to press forward in your life and your relationship with God. Prayers can be said at anytime and anywhere. They can be as simple as saying “Jesus”. I think we have the idea that we have say long wordy prayers to be effectual and that just isn’t so. I’m also glad you are able to be such a support to Dave. God bless you as you continue to serve God and your husband. Good luck with the purge.

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