The Days After A Weekend Get-Away

Life can get pretty busy with all kinds of activities of life and family, and we sometimes forget to do the things which are the most important for us. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I also don’t think it is just for couples or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I think this day is supposed to be spent taking EXTRA time in extra special ways to tell those around you how much they mean to you. Friend to friend, parent to child, child to parent, or anyone who is special in your life. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. It can involve a special meal or a favorite dessert, a homemade card, or even…a get-away weekend.
It does a person good to get away from the regular schedules, phone calls, and home situations to go to a different environment. We got a cabin on the beach and just had the most wonderful time! We had a small kitchen so we brought our own food. I also brought candles and decorations so we could have a special ambiance in the room for our weekend. My husband even brought the stereo in case there wasn’t one so we could enjoy relaxing music! The results? A wonderfully relaxing time by the fire with time to share what was on our hearts individually, as a couple, for our home and also for our future. We explored shops, coffee shops, and had some great photo opportunities. We didn’t spend money, we spent time. What a way to relax!
But do you realize in the midst of your hectic schedule, the importance of doing these types of things for yourself, marriage and family? Remember how Jesus went away from the disciples for a time to be alone with God? We need to do that for ourselves also. Give yourself time to dial down and communicate, dream, or brainstorm. Talk about what God is doing in your lives at this moment so you can better understand the things which God may be calling you to in the future. Take the walk on the beach or down the road to implore of God what He would like to say to you, because… you are listening. God is always there, it’s just that we may have too much noise going on called “life”, that we don’t always connect and hear him. If you can’t get away someplace, go for that walk where you are, sit on the deck with a cup of coffee, tea, or iced tea and just enjoy the feeling of that moment. All of the things I did could be done right at home. So set it up, then seek, ask, and go empowered by that time “away” that you have just invested. Don’t wait until next Valentine’s Day to make this happen. Make your time away tomorrow, next week, or next month. But, make it happen.
Listen for the whisper…it will lead you in places you never thought possible!

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