Making Room

God seems to take those daily chores in my life and make a lesson of them. Making room…moving furniture…humm…that can get the creative juices of the creative person flowing just thinking about it! This week has brought a change to my home. I sold our beautiful entertainment center and it is going to a friend’s home. I love it when I can share something with someone and still get to visit it once in a while! But have you ever noticed that when you change one large piece, you have to do something with the rest of it too? So I have to re-think my room, my existing furniture, the look and feel of the room, and maybe even replacing a piece in order to have the room give off that warm and cozy feeling that I like. Now, my creative thinking is really taking off!

When I think of my relationship with God, it is a lot like that. If I want to have that intimate relationship with the Lord, then I need to make room for Him. My life sometimes gets too crowded and so I can’t enjoy that leisurely conversation with Him. I look around the room of my life and see “stuff” and my eyes are so busy, they don’t even realize  how little room I have to move around. I may have to get rid of a “something” in my life so that I can make room for that special time, relationship, or task that He is calling me too. He wants me to be creative and clear out my agenda, bring new things in and move old things out! He desires to give me the means to make those changes in my life so that I can look around, sit a spell, take a deep breath and celebrate His hand in my moving forward with Him.

Don’t trip over your big “something” in your crowded room. MAKE room. Ask Him to tell you what has to go and what to keep and EVEN how to arrange it! He will! He is the greatest Organizer! Trust Him and move those things out! It will give you joy and give the Lord pleasure as He begins to show you where He is taking you. I know I am excited to see where that space that I have made in my life leads me. Celebrate ~



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