Seer of Light

It’s been a long time since I posted and I apologize for that. Life took over for a while and I realized I needed to get back to the things I really enjoy. I don’t want to disappoint those who look for my posts. So, here I am!

I was reading an article this morning, in my “home school time for me”, regarding the importance of light in photography. The article stated how we need to be a Seer of Light. This terminology took me on a journey that led to a lot of creativity and contemplation. There are so many implications in that phrase, and it just made me want to share some of the thoughts with you.

First, look at what being a “Seer” means.  A Seer is defined as “someone who sees; sees with spiritual eyes; perceives meaning of that which seems obscure to others; clarifies truth.” In the context of photography, you are looking at what you want to photograph, and then, noticing the light and how it hits the subject of your photo. Light in photography is the most important element of your photo. You can even take pictures of something, and move your angle to change how the light hits it, and you will change the whole outcome of your photo. The most striking mid-day light can be used to your advantage if used well. I “created” with light today with various objects and had so much fun! I have always enjoyed how light reflects but I now look at how light accents, highlights, shadows, or enhances what I’m seeing more than I have before.

But here is the other side of this lesson. We also need to be a Seer of Light in our spiritual lives also. We need to look for God’s light on our situation. In what ways can we be reflections of His light in our daily lives? He may be giving us some bright mid-day light that exposes some pretty sharp edges in us. Notice what those edges are. Or, maybe He is lovingly shining the soft light of His love as a reminder, so that, you just have to stop for a moment and enjoy it. He may be focusing in on one subject in our lives, or He may be wanting you to see the bigger picture.

I posted the above picture which was part of my own project after reading the article. I was so excited with the outcome that I printed the photo out as a reminder to me. After I posted the photo, a friend commented that this concept will take my photography to a new level. I think so too. However, more than that, it will change how I look at ALL things in my life. I tend to relate any learning experience not just to those moments of subject matter, but to my whole life.

So, open wide the window of your spirit and become a Seer of Light. Allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light over you and speak to the areas of your life that He wants to speak to. Notice how the light hits your spirit, your eyes gates, and your mind. It is to our benefit to watch where His lights shines. We are to be lights to the world after all! We will shine a lot brighter when we “see” the light of His glory shine in and around us. Then, we can turn those times into a photographic moment in our lives that will step us up to a new level with Him!

I pray that this ray of light has helped you to be more of a “Seer”. It is my prayer that you see things that others don’t see because the Holy Spirit is giving you a new vision. Shine on… press on… sweet Seers of Light!

Walking the journey with you…


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