Another Step Closer

There is a thunder in the distance…and it is not a Spring storm! It’s the roar and shout of the saints coming together to do something great! I’m so glad to be a part of this crowd!

What’s the thunder about? Over the past five months, I have been fulfilling the call that God gave me when I went to Honduras this last January, to raise the money to send a shipping container of needed items to Honduras for the orphanage, school, church, and medical center. I have prayed more than ever over it because I knew it wasn’t something I could do by myself. God’s ideas are always bigger than we can conceive on our own. I knew it had to be God moving in the hearts of others to work as a team in order to make it happen. AND?… It IS!!! We are very close to meeting that need and I am even believing God for overflow so that we can actually purchase a few other items that are needed. Is God faithful? ALL the time!

This is the kind of activity that I think God wants us to be involved in. Not just meeting the needs, but He knows when we work together, we become family, friendships deepen, you have common goals that drive you forward together, joy is spread, and hearts made light when we let our lights shine through our love in action! It is like a big wheel, where God is the hub and we are the spokes in the wheel; we all are needed to give support to the hub so the wheel can turn.

Is it effective? Absolutely! I love how I have seen people from church to pastors, classmates to Facebook friends, new acquaintances to past co-workers,  join together and say, “I want to help and here is my donation!” VERY cool! At church, we are talking about “Live.Love.” I can think of no better way to be an example of that then what I have seen take place these five months! As times may seem to be getting more difficult, it is wonderful to know that we have been given the very gift that we need for such a time as this…each other.

Don’t let your opportunity to join in where in where you can! You can change a life and it won’t be just the person you are helping. It WILL change yours in ways you never thought possible. Thank you for walking the journey with me. You make it all worth while!

I’m living it! Are you? Walking the journey with you…


2 thoughts on “Another Step Closer

  1. Dianne and I are behind you and the project. I’ve have been praying the God will give me an amount to give. I think Dianne already has an amount in her spirit but I’m still waiting. THANKS FOR the post.

    1. Mel and Diane ~ You both are awesome! I’m so excited to see what the Lord will do! I am also glad to have your reading support of the blog. May God bless your giving, whatever that may be, ten-fold in your lives! I’m also just as excited about doing some thing together as a church too! THAT blesses me!

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