Swing Wide Your Gates!

ImageI was out planting some calla lilies yesterday and saw this view as I walked by the back porch. It made me once again stop to enjoy how happy these plants are in this spot, AND, in this pot! I have talked about this before but today it hit home again, so I will share the thought with you.

These plants love to be in a crowded environment. The more crowded, the better. They like close proximity. They actually flourish in these circumstances. I believe that we all need a bit more of this in our lives. We need to be with others, to sharpen each other, remember good times, laugh, and maybe cry a little with each other. It helps us in ways we can’t always put our finger on, but we walk away from the time together, and our heart says, “That was GOOD!”

When I was younger, it was the Sunday activity for families to gather together for an afternoon visit after church and may even share an evening meal together. We would stop, when our folks could afford to treat us, and have an ice cream on the way to the relative’s/friend’s house. It would be way into the evening before the day would end and we would go home. Today, that doesn’t happen in many families. We are single units doing life. Sunday becomes another day to get something done. I think we could benefit from having more fellowship with each other on a Sunday afternoon. Just like these plants grow better close to each other, we can gather together, support each other, listen to each other, lean on each other, and be better off for it. Facebook, texting and email can be a great venue to do some of that, but there is nothing like a face to face chat. It becomes a time for sharing, laughter, expressions, eye to eye contact, and a hug or two over coffee or a meal. In this day and age, it takes some real effort to make this happen, but I believe it is worth it.

What are YOU doing Sunday afternoon? Call family and/or friends and step out into a fun time of fellowship. You may not have another chance to do it. We aren’t promised a tomorrow. Remember the picture of how healthy these cats and kittens are as they grow close to each other. Each leaf is holding up the one next to it. They don’t stifle each other; they grow even better, and stronger. I think fellowship with each other is just like that! It’s a great way to live! Swing wide your home gates and invite someone in! YOU will be the one blessed!

What were you doing this Sunday again? Walking the journey with you…


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