Come and Sit A While


Have you ever wondered why a sunset or sunrise strikes awe in us when we see it?  How about a lake or the ocean waves?  Or the quiet beauty of the forest?  Or maybe a flower?  What causes that deep sense of awe and well-being as we stop to enjoy the beauty of creation; the kind of thing that you never get tired of looking at.

I believe that’s the way God designed it.  The things we see or the sounds we hear cause us to lean in a bit closer, listen a little more intently, close our eyes for a moment and breathe deep.  I believe it is because we have that space in our hearts that only God can fill.  He wants to give it back to us so we are reminded of what is around us.  But we can get so caught up in the daily regime, that we forget to take those moments to see it.  We get so busy that we miss out on the call.  Its like we could have a front row seat at God’s theatre if we but took the time.  Instead, we end up in the back, with a lack luster seat, or we don’t even make it to the theatre!  What a shame!  We miss out on what God wants to show us.  I know I have shared about this before, but it just seems that I am supposed to share it again. 

Here is an example of how God wants to blow us away if we are looking and expecting Him to.  I was in the local grocery store yesterday and as I put my groceries up on the belt, the lady in front of me says, “Oh, let me move this out of the way.”  We both looked up at each other, and I couldn’t believe it!  We both said each other’s name at the same time!  This lady was my choral and ensemble director when I was in Junior High School.  I loved her class, loved her directing, and we had so much fun singing under her directing.  Unfortunately, she resigned and as I went through Junior High School and High School, we kept in touch.  Even though she moved away, we wrote letters, which I still have by the way, and then lost touch for several years with all of their moves and mine.  I tried finding her over the years on Facebook and other ways, but to no avail.  Then, someone I know saw her several years ago and then gave me her phone number.  I called and we talked like we never lost touch.  However, once again, we lost touch with all of my moving.  But God was about to do a great thing that day; a divine God connection.  You see, I wasn’t wanting to go to the store that day.  I wanted to go home.  But for some reason I didn’t quite understand, I felt I was supposed to stop.  I listened.  God cared enough about my desire to find her, that He placed her right in front of me in the grocery line!  Isn’t that just like God?  I loved it!  I went home and found her on Facebook and have had a couple short visits since then.  What a TOTAL blessing!

This is the deal…we need to live expecting God to do great things on a daily basis in our lives.  He wants to, if we will just watch for it.  He speaks to us throughout our day in amazing ways.  So, today, as I will be out of commission for a while with some surgery, I want to leave you with this message:  Expect Him to move in miraculous ways, and watch for what He will do.  Pray for it. Be bold in asking for it.  BUT…watch for His answers!  You never know what He will do!  I’m asking and I’m expecting!  I’m leaning in REAL close so I don’t miss a thing!

Walking the journey with you…


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