Inspired By A Weekend

I am finally getting back to my blog! It’s been a very crazy couple weeks! But I recently had a chance to get away for a weekend and that was so refreshing and fun for me. There is something about getting away from the daily environment that changes our thinking and attitude. One of the best benefits for me was to have the time to “think” and “reflect” on my life, where I am and where I want to go. I really prayed and asked God to reveal to me the areas that He wants me to work on or enhance in the future. He is so gentle to speak when I get quiet enough to listen.

One of the areas I feel I am supposed to pursue more is my poetry. I have enjoyed writing poetry since I was in early high school. I have always found pleasure in writing it. I have used it in so many areas of my life and shared many of my poems with others. But over the last 10 years or so, I have not written much at all. So I really felt that God wanted me to use that expression again in various ways. So I got my book out again, which has many of my poems, ready for my next inspiration! So don’t be surprised if you see some show up here at some time in the future!

Another thought I heard was that I should seek to be an encourager among my church family, as well as my immediate family and friends. So I am praying that  God will use me in that way among women in my church. I will build up my stash of cards and my computer will be ready so that I can share a word fitly spoken to someone who needs it.

I learned that I am to be aware of the legacy that I leave behind me. I have spoken of this before and God brought it to my attention again this last weekend. So I will be “noticing” more of what I need to do to make that happen in my life.

My photography is another area of fun that I enjoy. After this weekend, I feel I am to use my pictures to inspire others. I still have a lot to learn. I do not consider myself to be even an amateur professional, but I love it enough to want to pursue it. I also want to learn more about how to enhance my photos as well. So I will seek to learn as much as possible through ways that are cost effective for me at this time. My goal is to purchase a DSLR camera very soon!

The last one that I will share is regarding music. Music has the ability to lift me up in all circumstances. It has been that way for me all of my life. Music is what lifts me out of the miry clay when I feel I am in the quick sand. I have many instruments and I felt that God wanted me to put them to good use. So out they have come and some repair will be done on a couple of them. I am ready to make music unto the Lord in ways that I used to enjoy doing.

So, do you think my weekend was worth it? I sure do! I hope you will be inspired to take some time, even an afternoon, if you can’t get away a weekend, and ask God what He would like to tell you. Where does He want you to go? What would He like for you to be about doing? He will tell you. You might be surprised at where He leads or you might just feel at home with His ideas knowing that those things are your passion anyway, and you just need to pick them up again. Isn’t it wonderful that He cares about us enough to want to communicate His desires for us? We know that He wants what is best for us anyway! God bless you as you seek Him for the answers!


3 thoughts on “Inspired By A Weekend

  1. This is lovely JoAnn, the inspiration from God to allow all those creative pieces of yourself to flow again. It’s interesting the things we put “on hold” for various reasons…and when we get back into them they bring so much pleasure…by the way, I love my stash of cards…very fun to be an encourager! 🙂 Yes, your weekend away was well worth it!

    1. It is all in the determining I think, along with God’s timing. I guess the one thing that I have learned is that God can take away even the things we love most for a season to do a work in us. I am sure glad that I get to keep growing and learning!

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