Would You Lounge In This?

I love to be creative! But there are people out there that just have creative minds that think of ideas that no one else would think of. I love that kind of thinker. Now me, if you give me an idea of what you would like to do, my mind will just take off! I am good at re-using items for various purposes. I love to come up with ideas. But there are just some paths it seems, that my mind doesn’t travel towards. Today, I found one of those kind of items. I just love the creativity of this piece! It is stretching creativity to the max! But you know what? I can also imagine it in my home very easily! THAT would be a great conversation piece!

When I see these kinds of things, it just reminds me of what creative talents and gifting God has given us. To think we use so little of our brains and we still come up with such great ideas! How good He is to plant those in us. He commands us to use our gifts and talents for Him and what He commands, He will enable us to do. So get out of that box ladies and enjoy some creative time. Who knows? You might be the next creative idea that catches my eye for a picture!


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