A Servant’s Heart

This weekend while I spent a good share of it laying down, I was privileged to watch a servant’s heart. My husband Terry has been doing all the things I would normally try to do, plus he has been working on the completion of our bathroom. But it the midst of all the tasks he did, he always brought breakfast to me, lunch, and even had candles lit for dinner that night. What a guy! And then it happened. I came back in to lay down and was going to take a drink of some CranRaspberry¬†juice and it slipped out of my hand and fell over the white, fluffy rug that lays along my side of the bed. What does he do? Quietly goes and gets some cleaner and gets down on his hands knees and cleans the rug. He doesn’t say anything about how it happened because to him, mistakes are just that mistakes. And accidents are called accidents because they are.

It was a good picture of how we all should be with our significant others in our lives. I have always appreciated Terry’s servant heart and it has taught me a lot about what a servant heart is. God wants us to have that kind of heart in our daily lives toward others. It is what He would do. No complaints, just a quiet bending of the knee to clean up our mess. I challenge you this week to find ways to honor your spouse or children in a special way to show your servant’s heart to them. You can be a living example to them so they will see it modeled right in their own home. God bless you on the journey to a servant’s heart.


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