How Then Shall You Live?

I just recently gave a talk to our Praise and Coffee Night gals on Living the Dash. I had read a book a few months ago called One Month To Live by Kerry Shook, and it really made me think. He wrote about living the dash in this book and based it on this question: “How would you live your life if you only had a month to live?” In other words, how then shall you live? How would you live YOUR dash? So I put together a coffee chat on that subject and brought it before the group to talk about.

We may not have control over the birth date or the death date, but we DO have control over how we live our dash. What do we live for? What passions move us forward? Do we have dreams or regrets? How do we live that out? In our microwave world, we want everything to be quick, easy and FAST. We live our lives like we are in fast forward everyday. Psalm 102:3 talks about my days disappearing like smoke. I feel like that sometimes. Are we dashing around to live, spending precious time chasing things that won’t matter in the end? I don’t think that is the way God intended us to live out our days.  I can choose to take back my days and live them out in excitement and joy for the next thing God is doing in my life. Evaluate what is trivial. Is that going to matter to me six months from now? A year from now? There are things God wants us to do and fulfill in our life time. I want to be there doing everything I can to get the most out of my life. God will ask me what I did with what He gave me. I want to say I used it all up! All the gifts, all the blessings, all the relationships…whatever it is. I want to use them up.

It’s never to late to begin. Grab onto those moments! Start now. Begin today! How will you live YOUR dash? Let me know by leaving comments. I want to hear your thoughts. God bless you!


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