Oh No! I KNEW I Should Have…

Do you ever find yourself talking with certain people and your self-talk goes wild? You wish you would have taken the time to put on make-up because you know you always meet people you know when you don’t take the time to do it. Sure enough, it happened. Or, I should have worn that other outfit. I would have looked SO much better if I did. She has such NICE clothes. We talk to each other all the time. We all struggle with it sometimes. But why is that we make this argument with ourselves as we talk with certain ones? Here’s the deal…no matter if I wore makeup that day or had my best outfit on, there isn’t anything that is going to help my insecurities or my desire to be accepted on my own power. We have to get a proper perspective on those feelings. What can I do? I can fill my heart and mind with God’s love and find out how to operate in that love that He has for me. I can find out what makes me feel insecure or inadequate and share that with the Lord. If I stop looking to others to validate myself, then I can control more what goes on in my mind. Only God can reassure me and help me. He will do that through His Word.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:18. I need to interrupt my thinking with a different pattern. Let Him be the One who gives me my security. Pray about it with Him and ask Him to give me an inner confidence that will exude a peace and joy that only comes from Him. Maybe in my insecurities, I will find that God will use that to help me understand others who may themselves experience that same thing. I then can come along side them and give them support. Funny the paths that God takes me on just so I can learn to understand another person’s needs.

If I want to feel my best when I see others, it always helps to take the time to make myself as presentable as possible. It does help us feel a bit more confident when we see people. But that alone is not where my confidence lies. So my question to myself now is, “What do you want to me to learn from this exchange?” and “How can I show love to this person?” God has been faithful to show me each time. I don’t think people are too surprised to see me without my make up. I may scare them a bit,  and they may even think of am not feeling well, (that has happened to me!) but they might be a bit hurt if I ducked down another aisle just so I wouldn’t see them. So let those insecurities go and ask God to let your light shine among those you meet, that He might be glorified. He will honor your prayer and take you on a journey that will delight and surprise you! Lead on O King Eternal!


2 thoughts on “Oh No! I KNEW I Should Have…

  1. Everything u sd is true about God essentially giving u that inner confidence.

    Me personally, I add an extra 10minutes to my morning routine to put some mousse gel thru my hair & put some easy makeup on; this 10minutes makes me feel pulled together even when I’m wearing sweats. This is important because when I walk out the door, I feel pulled together enough to connect w anyone I bump into.

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