Who Are We Really?

As I use and learn more and more about social media, I often ask myself, who am I? I want to be me. I want people to know the real me. I don’t try to be someone else, look like someone else, or put out there on Twitter, Facebook or my blog anything but just who I am and what I think, feel or have passion about. I share the journeys of my heart. I think it is a good thing to re-examine ourselves once in a while to see what we really are putting out before the eyes of people.  I make mistakes and I don’t mind admitting to them or sharing them. I think that is what makes me real. But I am mindful that as I do share, that I don’t want to say or do anything that would lead someone off the path by what I  represent from my presence in social media. I love social media and technology. I like to use it to encourage and inform people on ways to live life to the fullest. Others can see who we really are by our words and actions, but we can also say who we are by the pictures we put up. So, I ask myself, what kind of image am I presenting to people who read my Facebook page, my Tweets or my blogs?  Am I building something as I live authentically through media? I think that when I live my life authentically, then I can better empower others to live that same way.

So as you read this today, I challenge you to consider what you write or put up on your social media sites. I love to meet people through media that are just themselves. It is refreshing to know that God has brought new friends into my life through this venue and that we can all encourage each other on to a higher standard. What a joy we can have with this opportunity to reach across lines and the world, to touch the hearts of those we haven’t met face to face. I love how God orchestrates our lives and then stands back to enjoy the symphony! Stop by and say hello!


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