Forever Free

My time has been so occupied with work and all those things,

I fail to do the things I should and guilt is what it brings.

But I know You don’t want me to hold onto the stress one minute more,

So I give it all to You Lord, to cast upon the shore.

Take it all away, like the ocean sands are moved,

Carry it so far away until the sands are clean and smooth.

I know you are a mighty God and You will do these things,

If I will just pause a moment, for the peace that You can bring.

The waves come up and on the top my burdens are cast away,

They disappear as they roll down under, pulled out like ocean waves.

When the waves come back they are clean again, they come back pure and blue,

The sand is scarred and marred no more because of what Your grace can do.

Thank you for Your grace refreshing, like the smell of ocean air,

And the fact You always tell us to cast our every care.

So never will I watch the ocean without this thought in mind,

God’s love is gracious, endures forever, no greater love will I find.

JoAnn Shiley 1997


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