What’s Your Foundation Made Of?

Thoughts of my friend kept coming to mind all week-long. Now I have been walking the journey with God long enough to know when that happens, He is taking me to prayer. When my life-long friend’s name shows up on my phone, I knew why God had been bringing her to mind.

Flash back… I was blessed as a little girl to have parents who believed in having a commitment to God and attending church every Sunday. When I was about seven and a half years old, a great pastor came into my life. I remember the first day they came and she taught the children the song “Thank You Lord, For Saving My Soul”. She was tall and beautiful, and he had a big voice and a big smile as he told us to call them “Mom and Pop B.T”. There began my journey. He was pastor to me all my growing up years. They became family and I spent countless hours in their company as I played with their grand daughters, sang in her choir, went to confirmation and gained great insight into the Word of God and its value in my life. We spent life together.

Back to the present… As it happens in life, the day came for me when both of them went to be with Jesus. But God knew what I needed, and he orchestrated events which led to me attending their son’s church. I was home once again. He taught the truth of scripture. When I went through rough times, he was there to minister to me and he helped me in ways that only God, he and his wife, and I know. I often reflect on the great foundation that I received as a Christ follower from that family. I thank God for it everyday. That’s the foundation that has kept me strong. I can still vividly see the pointing figure both he and his dad would use as they made a point. It’s a legacy.

However, now I have to face the difficulty of my pastor and “other dad” as he struggles with severe pain of a broken bone. They are unable to use pain management because of his dialysis. So, in order to manage his pain, they have chosen to discontinue dialysis. That’s not a good thing for someone who uses dialysis three times a week. But he has faced many battles, and I know he will face this one with courage and resolve. I can do no less.

So, I ask you today, who built your foundation? What IS your foundation? As you see your relationship foundation crumble a bit as the years go by and you lose someone in that process, I hope you have the assurance as I have. God knows our needs and those divine connections are for a purpose. I know God put that family in my life at an early age and because of that, my spiritual foundation is sure! There is no better time than this week to begin to build a legacy and sure foundation! Don’t wait… “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. All other ground is sinking sand.”


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