White or Chocolate?

Do you like chocolate, white, or yellow cake? Or maybe strawberry? There are so many different kinds now that you can have just about anything you want. So today as I was editing some pictures, I came across this photo and it caused me to pause for a moment as I let the message of this photo sink in.

As I looked, all the cupcakes looked like the same kind. We would like the world to look like this pan of cupcakes sometimes wouldn’t we? We think if everyone looked at life the way we do, it would make it SO much easier! If that other person wasn’t so this, or so like that, we might be able to get along! But in reality, it wouldn’t be at all good if we were just like each other. I think we would get bored and we certainly wouldn’t grow. Scripture tells us, “…iron sharpens iron”, and we know that the process doesn’t feel too good. However, when some of those rough edges fall off, we can begin to live in more and more freedom. More of our unique design begins to show itself. Have you ever made a cake or cupcakes that come out of the oven a little less even? The cakes came out thicker on one side than the other? What do we do? We put a little extra frosting on that side to cover it up! But in our life, that isn’t such a good idea. We don’t want to cover up our differences or even our short comings. Those cupcakes or cakes that are thinner on one side don’t taste any different. They are just as delicious! So it is with what God has put inside of each of us. He designed us to be unique.

Don’t live like this pan of cupcakes where you have unreal expectations of yourself and others to be more alike. In the case of the photo, they aren’t all chocolate cupcakes. Some were yellow and some were chocolate. But you can’t really see it looking at it. So we can all be one in the body of Christ, as in the unity of the picture here, but deep down we are different. We are purposed to be. So, what should we do? Look for those ways you can be yourself. Add some sprinkles to your cupcake of life so that it is colored with thankfulness for how you ARE different in the ways God has designed you. It will slowly begin to change how you look at everything.

Isn’t it fun that God can take such simple thing as a picture of cupcakes and give such a profound message? DO it! We all have something to share. The joy that comes from the simple things you CAN do, will go far beyond the things you feel you can’t do. You know it’s true!

So now, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to go and make some cupcakes and share them with the neighbor next door! That is sharing a little of my gift…that of giving. Blessings to you as you share your “uniqueness” on your own journey.

Walking the journey with you… ~JoAnn


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