What Level Is Your Hope Quotient At?

ImageThis afternoon, I had the time to walk around and enjoy the plants and trees that we have recently planted in our yard.  It brings me joy to do so!  As I checked everything out, I came to the cats and kittens that I have had for almost two years.  What was brought to my attention today was, the fact that only a few weeks ago, I thought I had lost part of my plants.  They appeared dead and dried out.  But today, there was new life coming right out of the middle of what looked liked a dead plant.  Wow!  There is a good lesson for me here.  What is it, you ask?

I may find myself in situations that seem impossible.  I may think there is no way out, or that it will never change.  But these pictures are evidence and a reminder that it can and does!  When areas of my life look impossible to change, I can choose to see hope coming through and new growth potential for me.  God wants me to live with hope that it CAN be different!  

ImageSo, I walked around with a thankful heart today, and I was lifted in my spirit by this small lesson that I believe God gave me.  I wanted to share that reminder with you.  Don’t look at the impossible, but look to the future with hope!  We can grow and change; in ourselves and/or in our circumstances.  We can have a newness in our lives that brings us joy.  I was consistent in nourishing this plant, even when it looked like it had died.  During winter months, you would think it would never come back.  But because I kept nourishing it as it needed, the plant went through its life cycle, and new life has appeared!  We, too, will make it through our hard times and can come though it with new life and perspective!  God wants to nourish us, encourage us, change us and guide us into a newness of life!

Today, I am asking you to look for where this might apply in your life.  I live with a high hope quotient!  I expect good things from God for my life!  I believe He wants me to live like that!  I can come through the fire (trials) and not even smell of smoke, God says.  Alright!!!  That is for ME!  

Let me leave you with this question:  If I were to ask you where you are on a scale of 1-10 on the hope quotient, where would you be?

Walking the journey with you…



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