Post Surgery Journey

canstockphoto0019485I just finished reading a book that I got to read post surgery from bilateral knee replacements.  But I found that after that, I had trouble concentrating enough to read a book.  I could read short writings, but couldn’t get into a book.  I originally thought that it would be good to challenge myself afterwards, and give me a good push to keep me on track for the first 40 days.  However, it turned out to be something that I read over the LAST 40 days and what a change it has made.  You see, when we get off track, it’s hard to see it in ourselves sometimes.  Deep down we might know something is not what it should be, but we don’t change it.  We might feel powerless, or maybe, overwhelmed.  But I have to tell you, this fired up my engine in the process of my recovery, and I have gotten my mojo back!

Here is a little update after the surgery.  I am walking fine, up and down steps, been off allIMG_4948 meds six weeks post surgery.  PT was over after about ten visits.  But it has been the hardest thing I have done in my life!  I still get stiff after sitting and its hard to get up a lot of times.  But I keep pressing on.  I do my exercises, I push my knees to bend more and more, and I do my scar massage twice a day.  I was still having a hard time with my scar tightening up which made bending more difficult.  So I did some research on other ways of doing a scar massage.  Since doing that, I have noticed a difference in just a few days.  I am even able to sleep a little more relaxed as far as sleeping positions are concerned.  But, is it all great and wonderful?  Nope.  It is still hard to do somethings.  I can’t walk for exercise; only just short walks.  I can only ride my stationary bike for a certain amount of time or I’m overdoing it.  It can be very frustrating.  I still have tightness in the knees and muscles in my legs.  In this recovery, I have had trouble sleeping at night, hives, a bad cough, and my hair has been falling out by the handful.  However… I know if I keep going and doing what is right, then I will have the results I want.  I have to be patient in my recovery time.  Doctors have told me I am way ahead of where I should be at this point in my recovery, so that keeps me going also.  This journey isn’t your journey, however, no matter the hard circumstance, we can learn a lot from these times.  I may have to wait a long while to see the results of all my hard work.  What are some of my take aways?

IMG_5336I learned that it doesn’t do me any good to talk about my problems, but instead talk to my problems about God.  He knows.   He is a big God and He is in control of my healing.  He is powerful.  Remembering that He is faithful means that I can come to Him with anything.  Mine… is my recovery.  Yours might be something going on in your life or relationships.  It doesn’t matter…He is right in the middle of it with us.  In those dark times or dark nights, that is who I run to!  He is answering because in the last couple of weeks, I felt a shift within me back to the things He wants me to focus on.  I’m excited!  I have a lot of projects in the making and can’t wait to see where it all goes.  It has become my testimony because I feel that without prayer and the Holy Spirit, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I am peeking into my future and I see great things, no matter how it looks today!  The idea of writing on a blog is a great way to share my testimony.  Why?  We get a boost in our faith by sharing it, and also by those that read and comment!  AND… God gets the glory.  God is faithful to answer and to heal.  I choose to give Him the glory!

Invite Him into your circumstances!  He wants to show Himself faithful because He IS faithful.  I leave you with this message:  Keep pressing on and if you have something you would like me to pray over, please leave it in the comments here or on the blog, or you can message me, and I will pray for you.

Walking the journey with you…


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