Taking the Back Roads



Yesterday, I found a page called Traveler on the Backroads, and it struck a deep tone on the tuning fork of my soul.  I immediately thought about it in terms of my life.  So I thought I would share some thoughts with you, and you can see if you identify with any of them.


I thought about what it might mean to take the back roads in life?  Why would I want to take a road trip on the back roads?  Well, I would take the back roads because I wanted to see more.  I want to slow down on my drive so that I can experience more of what I see.  I would want to stop when I want to and further enjoy what I find.  I want to see how life was, and how it is today.  I want the slow pace of the leisurely drive.  I want to photograph the moment.  So, that means for me, I want to experience life more fully.  We can’t see much driving down the highway at 60-70 miles per hour!  I have tried that a few times with my husband driving.  Oh…in this area, we can see some beautiful mountains, and if we are quick, we can maybe snap a picture or two with all the wires hanging down.  But its pretty hard to do that when we have traffic all around us!  People around me aren’t really too excited about my timely slowing down to catch something of interest to me.  They even get upset if your pull off the road and they might have to go around.


In my life, I guess I have discovered that I want to live my life on the back roads.  I want to have time for a friend that needs to unload, a coffee meet up, a reconnection, a family gathering, time to encourage someone, finding out where I came from in a list of genealogy, and then, the understanding that comes from that research.  I want to put my nose in the air to smell the fresh air, even when it’s fresh because of the rain.  Maybe, especially, when it is refreshed by the rain!  I want the back roads of life as compared to running at full speed to get here and there, and then hurry to the next thing and the next.  I have lived long enough to recognize when my spirit needs a reminder that the back road trip is how I want to live.  Give me the quiet.  I need that instead of the noise of life or traffic to distract from my purpose, which is to lean into seeing what is around me.  I want to be forever changed by what I see, what I notice and the insights that I am given.


So think about it…why do YOU take the back roads on a trip?  Or are you one that just wants to get there, and so you miss what you could see on the way?  Don’t miss it.  You may not have a second chance for another ride.  Put the virtual top down, let the wind blow through your hair, and in your face, and come back home saying, “What a ride!”  Me?  My bag is ready to go!

Walking the journey with you…


2 thoughts on “Taking the Back Roads

  1. I am in awe of your photography skills, Jo Ann! My husband and I love the backroads trips we take. That’s where some of the most interesting and beautiful things pop up 🙂

    1. Anne! Thank you for the comments on my photography. That is what it is about for me…encouraging someone, causing them to pause a moment, strike a chord in their memories, and just to live life daily with gratitude and joy. So if it does any of those things, I’m happy! Yes my husband has always enjoyed a new way to go somewhere and so it makes it fun for me with my camera. He is a patient driver and we I take the shots! But it has also made him see things too that before, he may not have noticed. Blessings Anne!

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