Slow Beginnings

10472690_10204325035506406_3275917140237936182_n Do you ever get caught noticing something on your way to do something else?  Do you chide yourself for not getting where you were suppose to go to do what you intended to do?  Humm…I do that all the time with my camera!  I’m headed somewhere, or sitting somewhere, and I see something and say, “Just a sec…I have to do this.”  And my camera and I are taking a hiatus!  A detour.  I have come to love those detours!  I find the most amazing things happen on those trips to noticing!  Some years back, when Andy Andrew’s book, The Noticer, came out, I read the book and it was so life changing for me, that I shared it with others, and ended up leading a study on the book.  Now, there are DVD’s on a study of, The Noticer.  I find myself, years later, leading a study once again with some great ladies, on this book!  Reading that book affirmed what God had been telling me for some time,  “Slow down, look around you, and enjoy your life!  Look around.  I want to talk with you about that.”  I and my camera have been doing that now for many years.

So, this morning I was reminded of how wonderful it now feels in my life to make the time for the small things in life.  What are those small things, you ask?  Let me share a few that I experienced this morning.  I took a few moments for quiet time.  I enjoyed what was around me like, the radio playing softly in the background, my little table and chairs out on my deck that I sat at, my hot mocha, the ability to take the time for a quiet study on the porch at this little table, the flowers that are sitting on the table in front of me, and the quiet, softKey Moments Photography breeze blowing in the leaves of the trees in my yard.  It was so awesome!  Myself was VERY happy!  So why don’t we do that for ourselves more often?  I think we all want it, but we just don’t take the time.  Years ago, I found this secret of living a more simple life and noticing things around me.  It included my schedule and how I handle my day.  It has been life changing for me.

I have a busy life too, but I don’t use that excuse to God anymore.  I had my grandson this last weekend and loved every minute of it, and I make him part of my quiet time.  It is good for him to learn how to settle himself to quiet activity also.  He enjoys taking that time to talk and share, have some iced tea or chai tea in a special glass or cup.  Or to sit in a special place because you can enjoy the birds, or smell of the flowers, or notice something you haven’t noticed before.  Even though you aren’t alone, you can still quiet your spirit by taking them on the journey with you.  There will be some great rewards when you do.

As I came back into the house and headed to my office to write this post, I took my wonderful Coco Havana candle with me to enjoy as I write.  What a great fragrance fills the air right now.  I love when I am out somewhere and find something special like this candle, and it blesses me over and over again!  There is something about a candle burning that just relaxes me, and so, I have them in my house most of the time.  All of the “small” things can make us breathe deeper, enjoy the moment more, and bring a peace to our soul that we won’t find running around from activity to activity just to keep busy.  I was reading a book this morning that I finished where the author talked about the lines that we draw in prayer because we might be afraid to cross that line to really ask Him for what we want because of the answers we might get.  I can see this being a reason many keep so busy.  It keeps them from thinking about what is REALLY going on in their daily life, thought life, and the activities they involve themselves in.  I want to be free to ask Him for anything.  I want to be able to share anything.  I know He cares.  I know He wants some of my time to be with Him and to HEAR Him when He speaks.  This morning I heard.  I enjoyed.  I was thankful.  Tomorrow I will live it the same.

I am also thankful when God interrupts a quiet moment for me to hear Him speak.  I felt in the middle of study time, that I was to send a text to a friend this morning, and it led to me stop my study to pray for her and send that text to let her know.  I want to notice where God is working, and be a part of His answer.  That is really living to me.  I want to hear the desires or dreams of my husband and pray with him regarding those desires and dreams.  The same goes for the friends in my life.  I want to be there to encourage them when they need it or to just listen if that is what they need.  I want to hear when my grandson is asking questions, so that, I can stop to answer them.  I want to give him a good answer that let’s him know I heard, really heard, his question.  I want loved ones to know they are important enough to take the time to listen to them.

Key Moments PhotographySo, if you haven’t taken the time lately to sit out on your front porch, deck, table, or front step, to breathe in the fact that you are here today to enjoy the day you are given, then I encourage you to do so.  It will make your day so much more meaningful.  That, I can guarantee!  If you think, “Well, that is  fine for you JoAnn, you have no kids, or family needs at home to distract you.”  I would say, “Yes, I do.  I have many distractions the same as you.  They may be a bit different from yours, but I have them.  I am just choosing to put the times to quiet my spirit as a priority, so that, I am open to notice what is going on around me.  I’m blessed every time!

So breathe deep of my candle of Coco Havana, (I wish you could smell it), and plan for a time of refreshment for your spirit, and see what God does!  He wants some of your time.  He has things He wants to share with you!  If you find this hard, remember that you may need to surrender your schedule to Him.  That means WILLINGLY give it over to Him.  Ouch…that can be hard but SO worth it!  Press in.  There are great rewards awaiting you!

If you do take time to quiet your spirit in your day, share a picture or two of your sweet spot where you breathe deep!  I would love to hear about it!  You can always share via my email also which is  Blessings!


Walking the journey with you…



4 thoughts on “Slow Beginnings

  1. Yes, seeing beautiful things can turn my head and quite a while later I remember what I was originally supposed to be doing. I think ‘things’ do that to my time with the Lord as well, which is not good, and is hard to admit. Thank you for this post. I needed to read this today!

  2. Thanks Anne for your comments! You are so right about “things” distracting us in our time with God also. I agree. It is my hope that we can begin to have less distraction of the worldly things around us, and if we are to be distracted, it is because of God’s beauty around us! I love those distractions and don’t think of them in those terms. I think of those kinds of ideas as grace moments where I actually SEE what is going on around me. Bless you Anne! We are a “becoming”!

  3. Love how you enjoy things JoAnn and make beauty wherever you go. You are an inspiration. I might order the book you mention here, not that I’m not reading about 10 books right now…but it sounds very good! I am enjoying reading Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book (Switch on the Brain) about the correlation between recent brain neurological research and God’s Word, giving hope and specific advice about our ability to transform our lives by transforming our thought lives.

    Will probably move up there next summer…had to sign another year’s lease here to avoid a huge hike in monthly rent, but enjoying CA still. Understand you’ve been having beautiful weather, but knowing you, you probably make the best of the rain, and it is a soothing sound and constant reminder that God is in control (to say nothing of the advantages of water!) Thank you for your blogs. Love, Lynn

  4. Marilyn ~ I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I do love to enjoy my life and to surround myself with things I enjoy. You will enjoy the book and I would highly recommend it. It is an easy read but life changing in content. I have read Dr. Leaf’s book also and it is another one that is excellent! I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t make that move sooner, but will look forward to a face to fact visit when you do! And you are so right, in that I do open the doors and enjoy the rain just as much as the sun! Blessings to you!

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