Do We All Need A Bit of Surgery Prep?

IMG_5454It’s been a whirl wind around our house once again. What we prepared for almost a year ago for me, is now being prepared again for my sweetie. He will have hip replacement surgery in the morning. So many things to think about and plan.  Paperwork that they need to have, just in case, a notebook to read for the both of us so we know what to expect, along with a no eating and drinking schedule, taking a shower tonight and then having to wait an hour use those lovely cold wipes and THEN try to sleep.  That’s not counting removing rugs and shower doors, and equipment that you need to have to safely maneuver in your own home!  Phew!  But, he has been working so hard of late to get everything in order around our home because he knows he won’t be able to do that kind of thing for a while.  Then in the morning when we arrive, they will ask you several times what you are in the hospital for today.  I can remember before my surgery, after telling someone for the fifth time, I really wanted to tell my nurses that I was in for surgery for my “behind” just to see what they would say!  Giggle…

So as I was thinking about all this preparation, it made me think of whether or not we spend any of that kind of time and preparation for our daily adventures that God has for us.  Like:

  • Do I think about the importance of prayer for my day when my eyes open in the morning?
  • Do I have my Bible as my paperwork, to tell me what I need to do today, or what is expected of me?
  • Do I read it enough to KNOW what is expected of me?
  • Do I ask that God remove the sin in my life, just like Terry has to clean his body in preparation for surgery?
  • Am I mindful of my schedule enough that I make time to communicate with the One Person who can teach me and guide me?
  • Do I watch for rugs that can be pulled out from underneath me as I go through my daily walk?
  • Am I willing to do the hard work that is involved to change the things that need to change?
  • Do I keep my life in balance?
  • Just like those hospital staff asking the patient several times about the surgery to be performed, do I ask God to show me what it is He may want to cut out of my life, or where I might need healing?

Humm…kind of gets a person thinking, doesn’t it?  So as I go into this adventure of surgery with Terry, I will also be asking God to do His work in me.  Especially in me.  I want to learn to walk with purpose and my gait to be steady.  I want to cleanse my mind and body of unclean things, SO THAT, I can be healed anew with His touch over my life.  I want to feel safe in His presence and trust Him with my outcome and that of Terry also.

If you think of it Wednesday morning around 10:30 a.m., please say a prayer for miraculous healing and precise hands to serve him in surgery and his recovery.  Let me know what God may be speaking to you about today!  Are there any of the above thoughts that resonate with you?

Walking the journey with you…



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