Christmas Has Come!

_DSC0765 2I love Christmas and everything about it!  Well…maybe not everything.  I dislike all the commercialism and the advertising at the beginning of Fall now.  THAT totally upsets me.  I enjoyed it when Thanksgiving had its own time and not everybody wasn’t thinking about all the Black Friday stuff.  Shoot!  We can’t even enjoy the Fall because we are headed for the Christmas and the New Year already.

But that being said, I love the lights at Christmas, the music, the special goodies, time with family, choosing gifts, Christmas movies, and the idea of giving.  What a whole bunch of blessings all at once!  My gratitude jar has filled up a lot this month!

My advice? Don’t let all those other entanglements get you down. Satan wants to discourage us, and what better way than at Christmas?  If he keeps us discouraged, he keeps us from enjoying the real reason for this season.  I for one am not going to let him do that to me.  So turn on some music, sing along, do something special to honor those who aren’t with you this year, and look up.  He knows and He is there!  Those that have gone before you would not want to see you defeated.  Need a boost?  Plug into the only One that can give it you and let your light shine!

And now? I am going to go and put the rest of my decorations on the tree! Light up your house and boost your joy level! See you around the tree!

Merry Christmas!!!

Walking the journey with you…



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