Are You Satisfied With Where You Are?

Dance like no one is watching.

Happy January my friends!  I hope you have settled in to your new year and have a sense of expectation about what this new year will bring!  As I read over my hearts from my Gratitude Jar on New Year’s Eve, I was once amazed at all that the Lord had done!  Amazing!  It brings so many areas into perspective, and it once again, has changed who I am.

I have made some pretty drastic decisions at the beginning of this year.  My title question is, “Are you satisfied with where you are?” is a tough question for some to answer.  Did it bring some stirring to your soul?  Did you stop to ask yourself that question once you read it?  What was your answer?  There are two sides of the coin regarding that question for me.  I am satisfied in what God is doing in my life and lessons He is teaching me, however, I am never satisfied with where I am spiritually.  I will always want to move forward, learn more, apply more, press in more, and especially never be satisfied with where I am, but ask God to continue to take me where He wants me to be.  We can see the turn in the road ahead of us, but we don’t know what is around the corner.  I am always trusting that, just like I shared last time about God going with me wherever I go, He will lead me where I need to go if I will follow Him and trust that HE knows best for me no matter how it may look.

What have I been up to in my decisions for this year?  I felt the pulling of the Lord to get off of Facebook.  There are many reasons for that but suffice it to say, I do value my privacy when it comes to online.  I think there is also way too much time that I was spending there that He wants me to use for other things.  I did of lot of ministry and encouragement, which is my passion, but there are times that I felt God was telling me that it was becoming first in my life.  Now, did I go off of social media completely?  Pretty much.  I also closed my Twitter account and my LinkedIn account.  I now have anKey Moments Photography account on and I have loved the privacy and the ability to generate positive comments and posts.    And do you know what? I feel quite free!  I have more time and have accomplished so much more by not feeling compelled to check into all those things through out my day.  Even good things can pull us in directions that pull us away from God and HIS agenda for us. I’m happy about this change in me.

I am also working in areas of shedding unnecessary things from my schedule.  I want to have a soul at peace and our souls are not at peace unless we are making our schedule allow time for nurturing our soul.  I am doing that everyday and that makes a big difference in my response to my day.  Busyness is the downfall of so many things and we think we can’t change it because that is just what life is for us right now.  But it doesn’t have to be.  When the soul isn’t nourished and on center, we can start thinking wrong thoughts and go ways which are NOT best for us.

Another area that I have made changes is to change things in my home and streamline.  I am sharing things with others, give away items to Goodwill, and clear out the clutter.  Oh what a feeling!  I have done a little each day and quite pleased with the results. God doesn’t want us to live in clutter and chaos.  It’s hard to relax when we live that way.  He wants us to enjoy the life that He gives us if we are willing to make some sacrifices.  That’s right.  It takes sacrifice to make the changes that I have made or that you need to make.  But when we are obedient to what God asks of us, He will bless the results.  He will help us to let go.

IMG_5522So, ask yourself the question once again, and then pray about what lesson God may have for you.  I don’t feel I write the posts for not.  I believe when God lays something on my heart to write about, it is for someone; sometimes a reminder for myself, and other times for someone out there.  I pray you will take it to heart and do what you need to do.  I want to always be moving forward and never be satisfied with where I am until the time when Jesus takes me home.  Does that mean I feel pressured to always be at it?  Be the best at everything?  Nope.  I rest in His unchanging grace and ask Him to make the ride with me and advise my direction.  I hope you will too!

Walking the journey with you…



2 thoughts on “Are You Satisfied With Where You Are?

  1. Hi JoAnn: I’ve been meaning to write and tell you that I got a blank email from you a while back. Not sure if you were going to answer my email or what but it’s good to hear from you in your blogs. I think it’s amazing the way you are so eager to change and grow…I suppose we all are to some degree but in so many different ways…some more consciously, others more maybe intuitively is a good word–not sure. Another expression that comes to mind is “winging it.” This would involve praying and making your requests/heart known to God but then letting it go and watching the process less. But it is good to be aware as there is the fact that change generally happens one step at a time…often as a result of intention…I’m just rambling here maybe trying to justify my own less intentional and perhaps less successful approach to becoming more Godly. If I were to write a blog right now I would write about blocks to focusing more on the Lord than ourselves but this in part is due to the huge self/success/fun focus I am surrounded by here in CA and certainly around my family but also my own laziness and that “x” factor of self-destructive behavior. Maybe I’d learn something by blogging about this and my intuitive lifestyle might become more intentional. Am I making sense?

    I had an “interesting” experience on Christmas day afternoon. I took my nieces to the ocean in SF and we were hit by a rogue wave. Kate (10 years old) fell into the ocean but got up and was scared but fine, and I was thrown off a log about halfway up the beach as the wave crashed into the log and took me off the log, hitting the log, and then under the water. I am in quite a bit of pain (more so than the first two weeks) but nothing is broken praise God. My legs were bruised and left hip and knee hurt. I’m sure there are spiritual implications–a very unexpected, sudden, unusual occurence that could have killed us and the journey back from the shock. Main lesson is the faithfulness of God to rescue and to provide support by many people around us who were wonderfully kind and helpful…Too tired to think more at this time. I have had dreams in the past about tidal waves. Oh, and I had a wonderful dream about driving up to a woman’s house who had a large ministry and feeling a tremendous anointing as soon as my feet hit the ground. I then began to prophesy and direct the people there about the direction(s) we were to go in etc. Gave me a sense of how the Lord wants so badly to use us all and how He will position us according to our ministries and I believe soon.

    Well, I have to get to bed as I got 2 hours of sleep last night. I think the Lord teaches us in our sleep and I sometimes wonder if real ministry takes place in those realms as well. So glad there is mystery in ministry…makes us again aware that the Lord is in charge of all and will bring His plans to pass. Love, Lynn

  2. Lynn ~ I love your faithful fellowship! I am also glad that it speaks to you. I did send you a reply via my mobile app and that might be why you got a blank one…it just didn’t work. I’m sorry. I read your comment right away. I will be praying for you in the direction that God wants to take you although your comments here are quite insightful and I have told you blogging could be your outlet! 🙂 I am always glad of your thoughts here and love reading them. Regarding prayer, I am leading a study on the Circle Maker in February and I have a group for discussion of it as it pertains to our lives on MeWe and here is the address for it: and you can sign up and join the discussion. I’m excited to see changes through this study. It certainly was eye opening for me when a read it a couple years ago. Thank you again Lynn!

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