Who Is Valentine’s Day For?

DSC_1010This week I am celebrating all week!  Why?  Because this is a special week in my life…its Valentine’s Day week!  It has special meaning to me.   People think more about love this week than any other week so it is said, but it also seems to bring other emotions to some.  I would say it is less about couples, and more about love.  Showing and demonstrating to the people around you, family, and friends just how special they are to you.  My man and I were to become husband and wife on that special day many years ago, but circumstances didn’t cooperate with us.  So we were married in May instead.  However, we have chosen to celebrate our anniversary in February also!  We do something special every year at this time.  But don’t let the “couple thing” be a stumbling block to how to share your love that day.  Here are a few things to make it fun:

  • Note in your child’s/parents lunch
  • Pay it forward in a Starbucks line
  • Let someone go before you in a line in the store or gas line
  • Sneak a note in to a co-worker to let them know you care
  • Note on the windshield of a special personIMG_2490
  • A phone call, text, card, or letter to let someone know you care; personal touch is best if possible
  • Cookies to a neighbor
  • Invite someone you love out for coffee and tell them how much they mean to you
  • Write a letter or card to someone who has had a great impact in your life and tell them what it has meant
  • A special movie night in your home or meet up with a friend(s)
  • A treasure hunt in your house or office for messages of love
  • Cook a special dinner and invite a friend
  • Write down 14 ways that you have seen God’s love in your life in the first 14 days of February
  • Do something special for your pastor and family to let them know you appreciate them
  • Go visit a shut-in
  • Make a love collage of how you have been shown love lately
  • Starbucks card
  • Go visit your favorite place
  • Take yourself out to dinner
Photo by Cameralab
Photo by Cameralab

The most important thing is to have fun.  Don’t let the day go by without taking the time to do an act of love.  I get to share some love with a wonderful group of women Wednesday morning and following that, my hubby and I are making a road trip and enjoying a few days away.  I will be using my Valentine’s gift from him; my Fujii XT1 camera!  We will sport our LOVE Tumbers in the car with us.  We will enjoy a few snacks on the road.  Picture taking all the way.  My car should have a sign on it that say, “This car stops for all photo opportunities!”  We will check out a little church I told you about in the last post, and stop where ever we want to stop, and enjoy every moment.  But we are making a week out of celebrating it with all we do.  We are living in expectation of this Wednesday afternoon.  There is something to be said for expectation.  We should live our lives that way every day because God has something in mind for each day He grants us.  I don’t want to miss out on what it is!  I want to jump up and down in the morning, waving my arms, saying, “Here I am Lord!  Where are we going today?”  Can you see that visual picture?  Joy in the journey!  He cares about big and small things as I have shared before and here’s another good example of it today:

We got back home from the accountant’s office and we had to check out something regarding the Lime Squeeze and get the information back to him.   Low and behold, we find in that process that we have been driving the Lime Squeeze with expired tabs since September!!!!  I don’t have any notice of it anywhere in the files.  Now I have been around many state patrols and policemen/women and yet I have not been stopped.  I say that, not in trying to be a smarty pants, but because I believe that God has blinded the eyes of many in order to keep me from having to pay a ticket.  I didn’t plan it that way, but God sure took care of me!  Needless to say, first thing in the morning, I have to go get that done.  But this is just another example to me of how God cares for the little things in life!  He watches over us.

IMG_1095Be crazy celebrating in gratitude this week!  Look over the list above, add some of your own, and commit to do something different this year when that special day comes on Saturday.  You know, with technology being what it is, you can even send a mocha or coffee via the internet and they have it right away to enjoy!  Whatever your choice, I want to wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day FULL of love, and I hope you make it a great day of sharing your love in action with others.

Walking the journey with you…




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