I Am Doing WHAT?!?!?!?


IMG_2252How DID we get this idea that things are supposed to run smoothly in our lives at some point in time?  Did our Sunday School teacher tell us?  Pastors?  Parents?  Where did it come from anyway?  I certainly have never found this to be true in my life.

See the picture above?  This picture would be more to my life; hanging on for dear life for what may come next.  I am hanging in there with my toes spread out because I never know what the next day may bring!  I do a lot of self-talk.  Always have.  Most of the time its good things, but occasionally, I find myself stuck in some not so good self-talk.  Ever happen to you?  I am thankful for the Holy Spirit, Who speaks to me when I need a good talking to, and will pick me up and turn me around when I need to go in a different direction.

Well…this is one of those days.  I am facing a BIG change, especially at this time in my life.  I’m not sure of the future because I don’t know what it will hold.  However, how I face this change and challenge, will have a lot to do with the outcome!  What is my BIG change?  Putting our house up for sale.  Yes.  That.  After all the cute things I have done to make this our home, we are selling the house!  Where will God move us to?  How far away from my kids and grandson?  In this economy, what can we comfortably afford?  All of those items tick off my mental list and I don’t know the answer to a one of them.  Why?  Because we have to sell our house first!  We have to stage our house first.  So what makes my house my house, has to be taken down.  It slowly becomes someone else’s home.  What goes.  What stays.  Where do we store these items that we are staging out of the home?  See what I mean?  It drives me crazy!  So I can only take one day at a time and answer a question or two each day and move toward accomplishing what needs to be done for that day.  But God is asking us to step into the water before He parts it.  So…hubby and I are holding hands together and are stepping on in!

IMG_1729Is that easy???  Nope!  Not for this more A type personality.  I have my list made and start working on it.  I want to check things off my list and get it done!  And…preferably, I would like someone else to do it!  I’m getting to old for this stuff.  I want to be settled in my place of comfort with family and friends coming to visit me.  Quiet evenings by the fire.  I know you get it.  However, we have decided to move in the direction God leads and TRUST God to lead us in the way that is best for us.  Totally dependent on Him for our needs and the sale of our house, which we hope will be very quick!!

So what do we do when these storms come blowing in?  I have had a relationship with God long enough to know His faithfulness!  He has always taken care of us.  So this is what I do…I lean in close to God, ask Him to direct my attitude, be willing to do what He is asking me to do, and stay in gratitude.  Even today as I take a break from packing boxes, I had a message come in that my coffee table and end tables sold.  Not for as much as I wanted them to, but they sold.  That’s three items we don’t have to keep or move!  That is a praise!!!  In OUR house, that is a BIG praise!  (A little thing that shows God is already at work!)  We have a storage unit so that we can stage things in the house and give it a roomy feel.  I have de-personalized a lot of the house now too so they begin to see their own things in the home.  But God…He has helped me do that.  After all the dreaming and changing of things, it’s hard to almost have it like you want and then have to take it all down.  But where God takes down, He rebuilds.  He has already started.  I am now praying and asking Him to go before us, sell our home, help us find a home in our price range, (which isn’t easy) and keep my heart soft to where He might take us.  It is all an adventure!!!  Full of expectation!!!  Big on trust!!!  I will soon have another house to make a home!

So if you think of it over the next several weeks, would you pray for us?  Pray for our home to sell quickly.  Pray for just the right home.  I am also praying for the next owners of this home, that they will find comfort in what we have built up and improved.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.  If you know of anyone looking for a cute little house in a price range that is unbelievable in this market for what you will get, message me.  I would be happy to share the information.  Never, never, never give up!

Walking the journey with you…



4 thoughts on “I Am Doing WHAT?!?!?!?

    1. Barb! Yes it will be exciting to see what God does and where we end up. Preferably, I would like to be in this general area so that I am still around friends and family with easy driving. However, it may be that it will be further south where prices are a little bit more inline with our budget. But I will keep up with the updates! Thanks Barb!

  1. Wow! Okay then. I’m excited for you and will be praying! God gave me a verse for you: Lev. 26: 9-12 in the Amplified. Looking forward to see what’s next. It’s gonna be good!

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