In Your Life, You Will Have Trouble

IMG_0084Today has been a double shot kind of day!!  I have been reminded of the title of this post for several months now, but more particularly, in the last few months.  I have to admit, I am a bit overwhelmed by the circumstances of this whole mess of selling and buying a home this time!  THAT doesn’t happen often for me.  But if it weren’t for some fun activity in my day today, I think more words and unkindness would definitely be swirling around our house right now.  The thing is, people just don’t do what you expect them to do.  When they don’t, things don’t go as planned.

Today brought some more decisions and one of them was to accept an offer on our home.  Again.  We lose to gain, but we have an offer that allows us to move forward.  At least that is our plan again for our house on the hill.  The first showing of the house when it hit the market again, was the offer we chose, and she was very excited it seems, because we had an offer almost the same day she saw it.  So now we go through the process of an inspection and appraisal.  Yep….all over again.

But the kicker came when, the first offer went into default.  We had to change how we plan our mortgage.  We also find today that the appraiser on the new house we are buying is not an approved appraiser for the lender we are working with.  So now what???  We have to have another appraisal done with an approved appraiser of the lender.  More time spent that we were hoping to shave off so we could get into the new home earlier.  The waves are coming in high and mighty!

No early home ownership for this couple.  We want to scream at the unfairness of it.  We want to be mad at the couple that mishandled their situation which made them not able to get our home the first time.  That made us have to:

  • re-list the house1620846_663367490411504_7125225829380545061_n
  • change our financing
  • camp out
  • use laundromats
  • have 4 storage units
  • pay for the appraisal up front instead of at closing
  • upset at the lender
  • delay our sale and closing from an early closing for the new house
  • makes us look rather flaky to the sellers of the new home we are buying

and… yet none of it is our fault.

Shopping for the Bel Aire house.

So… what do we do with these kinds of feelings?  Well, I let God hear a few of my thoughts in words today…He’s big like that and He can take it.  He knows them anyway.  He lets me go on for a while and then I feel the nudge and have to calm myself down.  It does absolutely no good to continue to feel like that.  There is absolutely nothing else we can do except go with the flow and take the next step, asking God to smooth the rough and rugged road we are traveling.  Do I feel like it?  No.  Do I need to?  Yes.  I only hurt myself by staying in the place of emotions.  So ok.  Shift gears JoAnn.  Then, I find myself turning to the enjoyment of planning how we want our new home to look.  That makes me smile, my heart rate slows a bit, and some of that joy seeps back into my spirit once again.  I thank God for it.  I drop a heart in my jar with thanks that God sends the Holy Spirit to nudge me in the right direction when I need it.  And…when I am too mad to do it by myself, He helps me focus in the right direction and turn me around!  You should see some of the fun ideas I have for our new home!  Now THAT changes my focus!

Stand your ground friends!  Don’t let satan’s schemes keep you from the joy that God has planned for you.  Open the door, tell him to take a leap off a very short dock and close the door behind you!  I hope by sharing my struggles with you that you will be encouraged in your own!  I’m cheering you on!

I fee like I’m kind of like a football player who is dodging the hits, moving and swerving, pushing and shoving my way to the goal.  I may be little, but I’m mighty!  God made me that way.  I’m pulling up my big girl pants and pushing through!  Touchdown!

Walking the journey with you…




6 thoughts on “In Your Life, You Will Have Trouble

  1. I love the visual in my head of the last paragraph, of you being a football player. I enjoy your writing about the thoughts in your head. I am sure you have encouraged many people who have challenges in their lives.

  2. thank you for showing me what it is like to sell & buy a home and to take the time to give it all to God. Someday, we will have to go thru this. It also makes me glad we decided to not move now that we are both retired but to work on fixing the place up and enjoy life as it comes.

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