Let’s Be Change Agents!

IMG_1571Have you ever had a lot to say about something, and yet you feel you don’t want to express it because you don’t want to deal with the fall out of what reactions you will get from sharing your thoughts?  Nope.  Me either.  Hahaha!!!  Yah, right!

So…here it goes!

I believe more and more that we will have times of being totally out of our element in the world today, and yet we will be called on to stand up for what is right.  It will most likely not be what the majority may think or believe is right or ok.  Will we be ready to make that stand?  Will we speak up or stand down?  Personally, I don’t usually get into debates.  In fact, I don’t like them.  You can argue that you can learn from everything.  But the bottom line is, you won’t change my mind, and I probably won’t change yours in the heat of the moment.  I’m not sure there is any benefit in letting it all hang out about what we think.  In fact, they will scroll past the post or unfriend.  But it would be better to live out our lives in ways others can see your life and beliefs, and then, want that for themselves in their lives.

IMG_5456We have gotten to the point where having social media gives us the RIGHT to express ourselves.  Freedom of speech and all that.  But sometimes, I am not sure if we are trying to impress someone, or if our motives for sharing are in line with how God would want us to respond.  For example, you accept a position that may be in the public eye, but then what you might post on social media doesn’t really line up.  That hurts the kingdom of God, as well as reaching people, more than it helps.

I find myself wishing that social media would take a more positive approach to their postings.  Let’s encourage each other instead.  There is enough going on in our world to cause concern.  We certainly don’t need to accentuate it!  There is one more area that has come to light more and more over the last couple years…God is not some genie in a bottle that we rub, and puff… we get what we want.  I am so disturbed by the things going around that say, “If you believe in prayer, then send this in two seconds to 10 people and see what God will do.”  Or, “If you believe God wants you to have more money, than don’t miss out!  Send this to any one that you know who needs better finances in their life, and see God bless you financially in the next 36 hours.”  How about we stop those in their tracks right now.  Just don’t share them.

This is very disturbing to me.  Yes, God wants to  bless us.  Yes, He answers prayers.  But those are facts.  We shouldn’t have to manipulate people to show that facet of God.  We need to stop putting it out there in ways that make us act like we just went to the beach and found God in a bottle.  He is the Almighty.  He can do anything.  He justThe Locked Door asks you believe it!  I’m very surprised to see how much of this goes on.  I think God would rather you just prayed about the situation.  You want more money?  Ask Him to show you how you can save more, or tighten the budget belt.  You want answered prayers?  Spend time talking with Him about your needs, and thanking Him for what He has done in your life.  He loves to see you acting in faith, not manipulating His character.  And by the way, whether you know it or not, those very types of posts ARE in fact profiling you.  That is what they are designed for.  Same with your quizzes you take.  Not only that, they are the prime reasons you get hacked online.  Be wise and discerning.

The same applies to christians and the way they act online about things they like and don’t like.  Wow!  It’s scary to see so many acting in such a way that it’s hard to tell a believer from a non-believer.  We talk about christian values, all the while taking swipes in a public forum about others.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have just as many opinions as anyone else may have, but I try to be careful what I say so that I don’t cause someone else to wonder what I believe.  But I don’t get involved in the drama and get those around me stirred up, except I hope, to live their personal life for Jesus.  I believe there is a difference between standing our ground, and flinging dirt toward another person’s ground.  So many use the social media aspects as a platform for their beliefs.  It is kind of like the saying we all probably remember hearing, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say.”  I don’t think I will be changed by negative circumstances and  negative statements.  But I might be changed by loving encouragements, actions, comments and pictures.

DSC_0259-1Let us not make the mistake of putting ourselves in a position where we so judge another that we miss the difference between standing strong, and voicing anything that comes in to our heads just because we can.  Do you want to stand strong?  Get in your prayer closets and start praying for what you don’t like, or want to see changed.  THAT is where the change can happen.  THAT is where you will shine for God, more than any other action.  HE will make the changes that need to happen.  I once worked in place that I loved, but there were many things that I wished were different.  I started praying about those areas everyday for the almost two years I worked there and asking Him to change what He felt needed to be changed.  I didn’t see any of the changes while I was there.  But you know what?  After I left, almost all of the areas I had prayed about, slowly began to happen.  Later on after moving, I checked my prayer list and ALL of them came to pass.  It wasn’t for me I prayed.  I prayed for future employees.  As it turned out, it was in His timing.  Don’t give up the prayer closet!  Get in there and let your requests be known to God.  Plaster the walls with your requests!!  THAT my friend, is just what God loves to see!  Let’s humble ourselves before Him in prayer.

IMG_3726Today, it is my hope that this post may cause you to re-evaluate what you put out there.  I also hope you will share the post with your friends.  I know this is a bit strong.  However, maybe we can be the change agents for God to begin to turn this around.  Would you join me?  Put some great things out there!  Encourage and lift each other up!  In place of who is bashing who, put who is doing something great for someone.  Look for where good changes are happening.  Do you know that your words are powerful???  If you are always putting things into words that are negative, you are sewing a breeding ground for negativity in your life.  Stop it.  You are sewing the wrong seeds!  So…challenge on!  Let’s flood our social media pages with something that will warm our hearts… and… remember to lift our eyes heaven ward.  THERE, is our hope!

Walking the journey with you…






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