What Are You Holding On To?



This morning as I woke up, it felt a little cooler than normal.  So I trudged to the window and was delighted to find that it had snowed, and the snow was still softly falling.  It was so beautiful.  Big fluffy snow flakes!  I got up and had a quick breakfast and then got my mocha, turned on the fire, and just basked in the moment.  Oh how nice!  Of course, as I was sitting there, I thought I should go get my camera and take some pictures.  Then my eyes lit on the my Christmas Tree find, and I thought how lovely that would look sitting in the snow.  I threw on shoes and a way I went.  It was really cold, but so fun to make a memory with this photo.  I love this simple photo!  I felt there was a lesson here for me today and I would like to share it with you.

In last Sunday’s message with Pastor Doug Cotton, he shared this statement with us and it really hit me:  “What are you holding on to that you think will bring you joy, and it hasn’t?”  He went on to say that we have to let go in order for us to experience the joy that God has for each of us.  It is kind of like the snow.  I loved seeing the snow and I wanted it to keep snowing and get deeper so I could enjoy it even more.  I wanted it to stay.  I wanted to hold on to that scene.  But soon after I had taken this picture, the sun came out and it warmed enough to melt the snow.  The sun shone bright through the drips of melting snow on the branches, and it looked like diamonds shimmering in the sun.  Soon the snow was mush and it just evaporated.  So, does that mean my joy in the snow this morning is gone?  No, it doesn’t.  I was able to get up and experience that this morning.  I was out in it, I played in it, and I enjoyed the beauty of it with my eyes and through the lens of my camera.  It made me happy to have it and I was thankful.  Even though this is a simple example, I believe you can grasp the lesson here with holding on to something that isn’t permanent.

It is much the same with our lives.  We try to hold on to something in our lives that God has long since told us to let go of, but we still have a death grip on it.  We need to let it go; melt away.  Give it to God, so that, we can experience all He has for us.  I tried to get a picture of the diamonds on the trees this morning, however, what I saw wasn’t what I saw through my lens.  You see, sometimes what we see is for our eyes only, not to keep, but just to enjoy.  But other times, He allows us to see something for keeps, like my picture above.

We have to trust God enough, to let Him have all that we are hanging on to, in order for our hands to be empty to receive what He wants to give us.  It is my prayer that you will let go of the baggage.  Surrender.  It is a beautiful thing!

Walking the journey with you…




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