You Got Prayer?

I have been going through some things in the last three weeks or so, and I think there is a lesson in this process that I am supposed to share with you.  I will share it in hopes that you too, may find hope and not feel alone when you are hit with it.

What happened, you ask?  I decided to get involved in my local church.  I accepted an invitation to lead a class for new believers as the class appears on the schedule.  I also decided to lead an online Bible Study.  As for the online study, I  have led many of them.  It is a great way to study together for those who find it difficult to get out to a study, or their schedules have conflict.  I love doing that.  But what happens when you decide to step out and serve God in any way?  You come against the enemy and his cronies! He doesn’t want you to serve, and least of all, help others find a deeper meaning in their relationship God, or to FIND Jesus.  His methods can be severe or just plain irritating.  He wants to keep you down at all costs.  Maybe it is with fear.  Maybe it is with a lack of confidence.  Maybe it is financial.  Whatever it is, he will bring it!  In my case, it has been with weird things like sores around my eyes, or horrible back pain, and most recently, a cut to my thumb that could have been serious.  You see, I don’t believe that all those circumstances are just random.  I believe that the enemy will use what ever he can to discourage us, such as, making us mad so we say and do things we shouldn’t, and then make us feel guilty and unworthy to do what we are being called to do.  Clever, isn’t he?  Most recently, since my husband and I will be leading a Grief  Share Group at our church, my husband has gotten sick.  I don’t want to be sick.  I’m leaving for Norway in a month, I don’t want that to happen to me.  Yes, he will use anything and everything.  He knows us and the buttons to push.  Has He been pushing yours???

Why do I share this?  Because I know it is no different for me than for you.  I also want to tell you that God knows, and God sees.  We have to pray down when these times hit us.  Actually, we should start praying even before we begin a new thing.   Ask for prayer warriors to pray for you because you are stepping out into service; you know what that can bring.  Ask God in your prayers to shed some light on areas you may need to address as you consider the next steps.  I got too busy in the process to give it the prayer cover I needed.  Oh I prayed about it.  Yes I did.  But I didn’t ask for the cover I should have.  We need to do that so our way is clear from satan’s whispers.  The more we push through in prayer, the more we will hear God’s voice and direction.  That is the goal!!  The whispers whispers of the enemy are subtle and can change your thinking in a moment.  All of a sudden, it can seem like a big mountain before you that you cannot climb!  When he comes knocking with all his sneaky ideas, just let Jesus answer the door!  It really is about the little things.  One small thing; the whisper of the name of Jesus.  I want my small thing to always be prayer.  Now, I know that prayer is no small thing.  It’s a big thing!  But the act of making a decision to pray is a small thing.  It IS action!  It will affect the outcome!  We sometimes think that our prayers aren’t that important, but they are!  It can change generations!  Your prayers will make BIG changes and moves for God!

So let me ask you today…are you stepping out into new territory?  Do you want to do something new?  Are you feeling like God wants you to become involved in a particular activity?  Or, maybe it is just changing something in your own personal life and/or relationship with Him.  Then, take heed to this message.  It may seem simple, and it is in head knowledge, I suppose.  But our heart and emotions can lead us in the wrong direction when it is led by the wrong voices/thoughts.  Ask for those cheerleaders to be in the prayer closet for the whole process from beginning to end.  Seek out your prayer warriors. Ask for that covering.  I pray my insight about this experience will be a light on your path today.

Encouraging the heart and soul escapes…



4 thoughts on “You Got Prayer?

    1. Thanks! It is a battle! And the battle is real! If we could see what goes on in the heavenly realm, we would be amazed at all the things God keeps away from us. Love to you Karen…may God’s loving embrace hug you up today!

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