Where Are Your God Glasses?

Let me start with asking you a question?  What do you see, on a daily basis?  I have been thinking about seeing a lot.  In fact, I just did a retreat about what we see, and how it changes our daily life.  For me, I think about it when I have my camera out and it has taught me to be aware and always seeing.  I have learned about focus, perspective, lighting and always on the look out for my next subject, whatever it may be.  We can apply this to our lives so easily!  I ask God each day, to show me what He wants me to see.  So I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

I just recently purchased the 1828 American Language Dictionary and what an eye opener!  The definitions in there have so many scriptural references in it, and so you get a totally different perspective on the meaning of the words.    There are about 15 references to the word “see” in scripture, and 14 references or so on the word “seen”.  Along with the word “see”, is the word “seek”, from the pair word.  There are about 59 verses that reference the word “seek”.  Here are some of the definitions for the word “see”.

Seek… Look for… Strain… Stretch… Extend… Reach… To Have Knowledge… Observe… Notice… Power to Perceive… Discern with Intelligent Sight… Examine… Inquire… Attentive… Full Understanding… Consider… Look Into It… and Consideration.  That makes us think a bit, doesn’t it?    What I see is what my vision is.  Faith is turned to vision when we are open to it.  Seeing is something to be imagined.  From that, we can gain revelation from God.  In other wards, when we allow God to show us something, He will show it with His view if we ask Him to.  I really enjoyed learning about this different meanings.

When we see more, we find more things to be grateful for.  We see clouds, waterfalls, flowers, colors, and many other things because we have started looking for them.  So what we “see” is VERY important, because what we see effects what we believe and how we live.  Ever watch a movie that had some really awful things happen and find it difficult to get out of your mind after you watched it?  It effects you.  There are bad circumstances that happen in our lives and the world around us that we can see, but it doesn’t mean we need to look at that, or to even share it.  So… let’s begin to think about its opposite affects.  If we are putting good things in our eye gates, then it will change our focus, perspective, and the way we see life.  So I ask myself a lot:

  • What do I need to let go of in order to see more of what God wants me to see?
  • Do I need to re-think my boundaries?
  • Do I need to re-examine my time?
  • What idols might I have that are keeping me from doing and being where and what God wants me to be?
  • Are there areas I need to repent of because I’m not doing what I need to do to create more space for seeing from God’s lens?

When see, we will seek.  When we seek, God tells us we will find.  When we have vision, we have His power, position, anointing and authority.  We can see above the dark places because we are asking God to help us to see.  He will show you.  Ask yourself this question:  “Am I far-sighted or near-sighted in the way I look at life?”  If you are near-sighted, anything close to you is clear but things further away are not.  If you are far-sighted, things up close are not clear and things further away are clear to you.  We often look at life that way.  We are near-sighted but we want to see what our future holds but we can’t see it so we complain or worry.  Or, we might be able to see further down the road but we ignore what is right in front of us because we want to get to that place in the future.  We need to have our God glasses on.  He will help us to see and notice what is in front of us, so that, it will bring clarity and joy to our lives in the future.  By allowing Him to show us what is in our today, we can relax and learn to trust Him for what is down the road, and it will become clearer for us.  Our perspective changes.


When we operate like this, God will not only change us, but as we change, we can be the catalyst for change in others.  We will see where we can bless others.  The other part of this story is this:  YOU will also be blessed in ways you can’t imagine!  He will bring opportunities before you that you might have missed before.  When we see as God sees, we will change our lives forever.  You will have the joy unspeakable!   We will begin to see our big ship turn around.  Remember that small rudder that turns the BIG ship?  Well God is our Captain!  He can and will turn it around if we are willing to give control to Him.

IF we live this way, we don’t have to be a world changer by definition only.  We can possibly be a world changer for one or two.  It doesn’t mean that our life has less value if we think that way.  In fact, we might accomplish a lot more if we think more about the one or two.  We don’t have to change the world to find meaning.  We can just be good to the one or two that God brings to us.  That can be world changing…to them.  They in turn will change someone else’s world.  This is something anyone can do from where you are today.  We need to be careful of who we measure our worth by in this world.  It is YOUR life not some famous person’s, or your friend’s, your pastor’s, or someone else.  It is yours.  Show up and do your best with the one life you have been given by loving on others, and you will see your life change as well.

Want a good example?  We have all heard about the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee; one gives the water out and is active, one holds the water and dies.  I want to be the one who gives.  Just today, I had the opportunity to be obedient and share a couple of things.  When I did, I saw someone encouraged to keep going, information in their hand for that to happen, and the beginning of some blessings that came to them after receiving what I shared.  Sometimes we need to be the blessing that starts the blessing train for them. Be obedient!  You might be a part of their faith building!!  I think I was today and that brings joy to my heart!  That’s what “seeing, or seeking” is all about.

For me, I know I have to streamline where I put my time.  I do a lot of study and leading from Facebook.  I am asking God where He wants to me allot my time.  How much time I spend checking my phone to check in.  Maybe I need to consider taking down some of the pages I have started.  As much as I love doing them, and sharing, I don’t have to be the only one sharing.  If that is the case, then maybe it’s time to consider where I may use my time differently.  It is something I am praying over.  God may ask me to give it up, or He may be telling me that He wants me to continue, and be wise about using my time more effectively and in a more balanced way.  However, what I DO know is, God is asking me to see where He is working and join Him there.   I want to make things easier for me and less busy, so that, I have time for where God is taking me.  There are so many things I love to do, so I want to have the time to invest in those areas that bring me joy as well.

I read about Gratitude from Lisa Bevere recently and want to share that with you.  The insight was this:  “Gratitude is a memory of God’s trust.”  I love that.  We all need reminders.  We all need a slow down process that works for us, so that, we can live life not as an emergency, but as a deliberate journey, where we see joy that really matters in WHO really maters.

I will leave you with a quote:

“We need to throw open the window and allow God’s untamed, limitless beauty to awaken a heavenly awe within us.  As we open our eyes to the wonder of creation, it arouses a God-yearning.  Our spirit will respond to what it sees.”   Lioness Arising, by Lisa Bevere

Ask God to show you what He wants you to see, and you will be astounded at what He will show you!  I live expecting it!!

Until next time…




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