A Wrapped Present ~ The Other Side of the Door

Sometimes we have to walk through open doors whether we feel courageous or not.  Open doors…  Have you experienced an open door recently?  Did you walk through, or did you stand outside the door and think about all the reasons you don’t think you should open the door and walk through?

If we weren’t afraid or unsure of what we are hearing or feeling, it would be amazing what we could do; and do it in confidence.  I have never been afraid to go through a new door, for the most part.  I’m open to new experiences and doing something different.  But one of the things I have discovered is that I can’t depend on even what the closest people to me may say to me about it.  What I need to do is remember that it isn’t them that God has spoken to.  He told me.  They may not be able to see what I see, or hear what I hear.  Nothing wrong with that in particular, but it’s more about where I am at the present time in my life.  In your case, God may be speaking to you, and He wants you to follow Him.  The crazy part is that if God can put things in the world together and keep it going like He does every day, that is the same God who is asking me to follow Him through the door!  Why would I say no????  It’s scary walking through the door, but if He is encouraging us to go through, He is on the other side with His hand extended to me to walk forward with Him.  I know it can be a lonely time too because you are walking though the door by yourself.  You have to be the obedient one. It may isolate for you for a while, because He has something to teach you.  But you will have peace, because you have done what God has set before you.  That brings peace and the circumstances together.  He is a comforter of my soul.  If I am in His will, I will have peace and joy deep within.

This time of year brings with it a sense of expectation; being together with family, traditional foods,  shopping, good music, and giving and receiving gifts.  It is all about anticipation.  Here is an example:

Just two days ago, I received a big box in the mail from Norway.  I was told to expect it.  So I WAS expectant!   Then it came!  I was so excited that I opened the big box right away.  Inside were wrapped presents.  I am terrible about that kind of thing.  I can’t wait to open them, and I can’t hardly wait for a person to open a gift from me either.  That is especially true when I KNOW I have found the perfect gift for them!  I found one gift that said “Happy Birthday” on it and thought, “Yes!!!!  I can open this one since it is ALMOST my birthday!” So I opened it and found a lovely antique teapot from Norway.  Wonderful!  What joy!!!  Later on…I kept looking at those other packages.  I thought that I really needed to get a grip and just leave the packages alone.  I could never tell her I opened them, so that helped for a while.  But then… I would see them again and I really wanted to see what was inside.  After a while, all I could think about was seeing what was in the packages!!  Weeellllll…  I have to put myself in a corner for time out, because…shssssh…don’t tell my cousin, but I opened my packages and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything!!!  Oh my!  So awesome!  It made me cry because of the thoughtfulness in the gift selections.

This, my friend, is how we should feel when God opens up a door for us…we should anticipate what it can mean to us and to our future.  It’s like the unopened package that is sitting there waiting for us to open.  It draws us in.  We should be excited for something new in our life IF we believe God wants only good for us. Some don’t go through the open door and unwrap the present because they are afraid of what may lay ahead.  I say, “Go ahead and open it!  Walk through that door!”  God has a plan for you and He loves to see us excited about what He is doing in your life.  That door may be that you have to find a “new” way of doing life.  But whatever it is, He wants you to know that He is on the other side patiently waiting for you to open the door.  It’s like a song I sang for church many times, “You must open the door.  When Jesus comes in, He will save you from sin, but you must open the door.”  No matter what the door in your life is, you are the only one who can open it.

So…as the time of be thankful in tangible ways approaches us, let’s ask God where He wants to take us as we go into this time of  year.  Be expectant about what He may have for you.  Just like the gifts that are going to be under your tree are wrapped up all pretty, remember that God has a gift waiting for you to open.  Trust Him.  Trust His wrapping.  Trust the gift.

And…don’t be afraid to let the child in you be excited about the door in front of you.  Open it and let the light shine in!  See where it may lead you.  It’s a beautiful thing!!

Until next time…





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