Advent ~ Angels

Advent ~ Angels
It’s great to know that I have angels protecting me through out my day. Who knows what I would have experienced had they not protected me. This little angel reminds me of that and the fact that my help is a prayer away. Angels watch over us, protect us, and all at God’s command. That is comforting to me. He loves me enough to give me angels to protect me, and the Holy Spirit to live in me.
When we are going through “stuff”, angels are at war for us in the spiritual realm. It is my prayer that when they see my feet hit the ground in the morning, that the devil says, “Oh no! She is up again!” Yep! Watch out!!
Be led this Christmas week by a loving God who loves you enough to send His only Son. THAT’S a special gift!
Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plain.
Until next time…

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