The Power of Words

Have you ever experienced words said to you that made you feel like they had just thrown a big pitcher of ice water over your head? It might have taken your breath away, or made you feel the shock of the words, or even like, you might not recover from it. You thought about it again and again, even after they had left you? You replay it in your mind and you find it hard to let it go. It can send you in a spiral downward. But the same is true if it comes out of your mouth to someone else? Do we pray first about what words we use? Do you ever call yourself names, or try to win an argument you had with a person and THIS time, you tell them just exactly what you think?!? 🙂 I know you have. I know I have.

Words have power! Do you know how many words you say to yourself each day? The average person speaks 7000 words a day! Some speak even more than that! What are you saying to yourself all day? What is your inner dialog? And…what do you believe about those words you say to yourself? Are they affirming? Angry? Name calling? Condemning?

I am a “word” person. I love words, I enjoy learning new ones, and I have them up all over my house. Why? Because I need reminders of good words and uplifting direction in my life. I need reminders that God has good for me, not bad. That He loves me right where I am, and just like I am. That doesn’t mean He doesn’t want me to grow and change; He does. But He loved me enough in the very beginning before I did work on changing. He loved me enough to say, “Come.” He loves me enough to help me move forward toward wholeness.

I heard a word today that fit for me…the word was GRIT. Do you need GRIT right now? Is what is going on all around you sanding away at your GRIT? You feeling overwhelmed? Here is a definition of GRIT:

Grit – courage and resolve; strength of character.

Do you have grit? Do you NEED some grit?? Maybe your word is different. Whatever it is today, ponder this idea, and see what word God may have to encourage you today, or this week, or this season. What will give you courage, resolve or strengthen YOUR character?

Staying connected with those things or people that help us keep our words affirming and loving, and our attitude more positive, is important. In this day and age, it seems people are way too free with their words. They are often times not the least affirming or loving. You don’t have to like someone possibly, but you don’t have to slander them either. Your best way of loving might be to just zip your mouth and fold your hands and keep your fingers from moving over your keyboard. Pray instead. Pray for THEM instead of putting something out there that slanders the person. Remember words have power. When we speak them out, we are showing who WE really are also. Ding, ding!!

So I am sharing a little grit of my own in this post, but I think it is necessary for us all to realize how words have impact on ourselves and those around us. Find some good ones! Put them on the walls of your heart to soften it. Ask God for direction towards words that have deep meaning for you…search. He is waiting.

Until next time…



7 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article. My brain took a walk through periods of my life. Thank you
    Lyn Jessee

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  2. You hit the nail on the head for me! I could sure use a lot more grit in these times we are living in! Thank God for His words of encouragement! ❤️

    1. We all sure can use more grit and stand up against the works of the devil. But I am so thankful we have good friends to help us to do that and encourage us to stay the course. Thanks for your comment and readership. So happy to have you visit.

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