Going For It!

My new guitar!

I just wanted to pop in on you tonight before the weekend hits and encourage you again to make some changes just like I talked about in the previous post. (Check the listings on the blog for the previous post.) Here is why…it is exciting, it feels great, there is joy in the process, and you feel like you are making headway in your life for positive change! Let me share my day with you!

This morning The Captain and I made a drive back to the area I grew up. The trip down was glorious! The clouds and smoke lay heavy in the mountains and at times the sun was shining through the trees making for a beautiful morning drive! I felt alive just experiencing it. I came to the flat lands in the Skagit and that fog was laying low across the farmlands. Again…it was inspiring. For me, this is again part of the change I am making. When I am not preoccupied with “stuff”, I have the time to enjoy the moment I am in. Doing more with photography brings me joy and that was a goal also. So with anticipation and a generally happy feeling, I drive to my first stop.

Skagit Flats

That little side stop was to give a little blue chair to my niece for her first grandchild. Magnus will now have his own little chair to sit on at Grandma’s house. One of my goals has been to share what I have with others and I want to tell you it feels great to do that. The memory of this chair will live on for days to come for Magnus. I got a hug from my niece and I’m on my way.

Next stop was Starbucks and a visit with my older brother. Love that guy! We had a long visit and shared life and laughter together with family and we don’t do it much anymore. That is lacking these days. We as a society used to take the time to be together and now we get so busy, that time do gather goes to the back burner, and maybe never happens. Not for me anymore. Life is too short and spending time with family is too important not to make it more of a priority. Today made me happy to do just that. And…25 bonus stars at Starbucks on top of it! Win, win!! 🙂

Remember me talking in my last post about getting back into music? That was my next stop on my agenda. I have had a Takamine guitar for well over 25 years. Up until the last few years, it has suited my needs. However, for whatever reasons, it has become more difficult to play and thus I haven’t played it as much. So…I stop by my favorite music store and see if they do trade-ins. Yep, they do!!! I asked what I could get for mine. He looked it over and told me he could trade it straight across for the guitar I had been considering. WELL…sign me up! So I walked out with a new Taylor 12 Academy with a bag for ZERO dollars! Now that is something to end my day with!!! And yes…even a happy dance in the parking lot!

I guess the reason behind sharing my day is this: when you decide to make changes for the inside of you, life is just better on the outside of you. Ask yourself why this couldn’t be you with different circumstances. It can! Decide you WANT to change and then begin to make it happen step by step. I started a couple days ago and have been working on it each day since. Don’t get discouraged when it feels like you are slipping back into old habits. It takes a while to make the changes permanent. That and… a lot of fortitude. You CAN do it.

What a way to end a day!

To many more days like today in my life, and may it be so in your life as well! Here’s to living the dash with joy and contentment!

Until next time…



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