Is That Real and Does It Apply to Me?

Hello friends! Greetings from a very warm west coast this week and into the weekend. Right now I am sitting in my studio in a relatively cool space in my home. However, we are seriously looking for our AC floor model unit to assist us this weekend. Having moved here just a year ago, some things just aren’t we they were remembered to be! Can you relate?? Ok. On with today’s thoughts…ready, set, go!!

I do a lot of study online with options for Bible Study videos to listen to teachings on various topics that I believe will help me to keep my focus where it should be. Today as I watched a video of the teaching, it occured to me that they do everything in their production power as producers of these video teachings to have the show the ultimate perfect environment. Have you noticed that? Does it sometimes make you feel like the teaching isn’t relevant because you can’t relate to the person? It just occured to me today how some may find that more of a challenge to watch because of how it might make them feel For example as you watch to do you ever think any of these thoughts?

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…look at her family who is walking through a field together. I can’t even get my family together for a holiday!

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…look at her house! She has everything like she wants it.

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…she doesn’t know my husband/wife.

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…she doesn’t know what I put up with every day.

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…look at how perfect she looks with those nice clothes and perfect hair!

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…look at that view! I would feel like I could do better if I woke to that every morning.

~~>Yes. She or he can say that…look at how perfect her life is!

Can you relate to any of that? It might not be through a video teaching that you feel that way. It might be when you are together with friends or even family. My point is that our lives get very inundated with commercialism. It looks one way but it may be a totally different picture in the true lives of that person. We see all those beautiful pictures, or vacations, or see that whole family holding hands and walking around together and think that everybody but US has that life. It is designed to suck you into what you perceive as the “way it should be”. All those videos are designed to do just that. Sometimes the message of the Word gets lost in the views you see on the videos. It isn’t necssarily real, but in some cases it could be. However, that doesn’t mean your life has to look that same way or that they have it more together than you do; they may not in reality. But do you see how satan can wiggle around in your life by giving you a sense of less, and you feel less content because of what you see? It saddens me that Christianity has become more about the look of the study than the WORD of the study.

Don’t be fooled. A real life isn’t perfect. It doesn’t mean a perfect house. In fact it might be a little bit of chaos in appearance, but its lived in. It might be that our wardrobe isn’t right off the racks of a name brand store. Our hair may be turning grey and we don’t want to hassle with coloring it all the time, or spending the money to have that perfect look. But that just means we have gained some experience when those grey hairs show up. We have lived well and worked hard. You might be looking at that pastor/teacher’s environment as you watch the video and be thinking, I could do that if I had a spouse that was like that person’s.

My point? Don’t let satan distract you with the “purdy” stuff to the point you feel “less than”. God desigined you just as you are and wants you to live a contented life with Him. He knows what you need and living real with Jesus is much better than any fancy house or clothes or what we perceive as the “better way to live”. He would rather have your heart in obedience to Him, and a healthy relationship with Him more than anything else.

I have been to Honduras in past years, and the one thing I learned on that trip was that those who have virtually nothing, are the happines people! They have so little but they have a joy in the Lord that is amazing. They don’t need the trappings, they just want to show and share the love of Jesus. We here in the US have known millionaries and billionaires; individuals that had everything you could want, and yet we find out later that they are the most unhappy people.

Don’t get tied up in the trappings of satan to think more is better when sometimes less is more. I would rather people in my life see a person who is real, rather than trying to impress them with my home or what I have, or that I am better than they are because of what my life shows them. I am blessed because of what God has done, not anything that I have accomplished. THAT is when you can see the truth of who God is and what He wants for you and your life. Talk to yourself about things more that you listen to yourself. Keep the real thing, the real thing. We all need to tell ourselves what is the truth, not what is doubted…doubts lead us down the wrong path and right where satan wants us.

The Captain

We have become so groomed for what we see or hear or think that sometimes we are not even aware of how much of that meets our eyes and ears every day. Don’t let appearances dictate comparisons between you and others. All those others who you think have it all together, and have everything, deal with the same kinds of issues you do. And having the perfect home, family, church, or car doesn’t make what we deal with any easier. However, I DO find taking my Mini, named The Captain, out and blowing out the carbon (Hahaha) DOES a little something for me. 😉

Let’s agree to support each other in our progress on this pilgrim road and not be distracted by the pretty things that we might see as we go. Let’s be thankful for all we DO have. If we want what someone else has, we also have to be willing to take on what someone else has to deal with. That should make you think.

Keep the influence in your life coming from God and His Word. That is where our contentment comes from. Keep learning from those teachers, but don’t get hung up on what you see, but listen intently to what you hear and can learn.

Until next time…



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