The Destiny Struggle

Live out your destiny! Have you heard that before from somewhere? I don’t know about you, but I find all the leaders and teachers always talking about destiny and fulfilling our destiny gives me a headache. This will be an honest look at this struggle. It can be exhausting for us. I don’t think I am the only who may feel this way. Let’s dig in a little bit and see what destiny is all about.

There are many times in our lives where we might be worn out because we are trying to have what we feel is the perfect life and do the will of God, and then when that all looks perfect in our eyes, we get the idea that now we have reached our destiny. But deep down, we feel down on ourselves and our lives because we don’t feel we have truly reached our destiny. We just aren’t satisfied deep down. We become discontent. We may feel that our lives have to be perfect, and they aren’t, and so we must not be living our destiny.

Here are a few definitions of Destiny:

~~>the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future.

~~>the events that will necssarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

~~>a person’s destiny is everything that happens to them during their life, including what will happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled by someone or something else; a force which some people believe controls the things that happen to them in life.

~~>Others may look at destiny as doom, fate, lot, and portion. (*Definitions from a search)

So let’s unpack this a bit. We hear consistently about walking in our destiny, or fulfilling our destiny like it is something only we can do. If that is the case, why are christians talking in this way? We can’t do anything apart from God as believers. God is our source to set us on the path or mission. But not maybe what we think it is, but more like WE think it is supposed to be and look like. We may think of our destiny as a ministry of some sort; a preacher, teacher, church leader, Bible Study teacher, or public speaker, writing a book, or writing a blog. But where is God in it? What does He want you to be doing? We keep asking ourselves what the will of God is, and what is the direction we need to serve God? In this way of thinking, we can become the person who thinks that God is going to open a book and stamp it with a map for directions. If we aren’t seeking Him, we may miss what He has for us.

What we should be doing is asking God where He is working and join Him in that place. It isn’t supposed to be so hard. Here is my example for myself: I believed many years ago that I should be seeking my destiny for the Lord. I had these ideas of what it may be. Did you catch that? I HAD the idea. Wrong thinking on my part. God knows what He wants for us, and has given us the gifts to use for His purpose and glory. We get confused by thinking we can do it by ourselves. God will reveal it to you and the Holy Spirit will help you stay the course. So… one day as I was sitting at the computer encouraging a person that needed it, God spoke to me and let me know that at that very moment that I helped another, I WAS doing what He wanted me to do. It isn’t something anyone will know about, I’m not in front of a crowd of people, and it isn’t a grand scale that I would be showing in my life; it is just loving another. Our “destiny” isn’t about me, it is about serving the Lord God with my life. Doesn’t God give that commandment to those of us who are called His children? We are to love one another. So when you help another, listen to another, feed the hungry, watch children when someone needs help, mow a lawn for someone, or fix a meal for another, THAT is what God calls you to do. Mine was here at my desk in the studio being available to help others where I can. I was very thankful for that revelation in my life. What an encouragement it is when we are free to do what God calls us to do. We don’t need to strive and struggle for it. God’s yoke is easy. I have been walking in this fulfilment all my life! I was asking God what He wanted me to do, and He was faithful to show me. We don’t have to try harder, or strive to “get it”. God wants your heart. When you seek Him, He will speak to you in ways you least expect in order to direct you to the place He wants you.

Lean in to hear His whisper.

Do I have a better connection with God than you? Of course not. We all have that opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Don’t let the idea of destiny, as we hear about it in media land, convince you that you haven’t arrived yet. Maybe you are learning how God speaks to you and so it takes Leaning in a bit closer for Him to reveal where you can begin. We are asked to use our gifts and talents for Him, and I believe that is very different than struggling to find out our destiny. God has made each of us differently and when we seek Him to do what He asks, then we are already living our destiny. That word doesn’t have to define us as we compare our life with others. Lean in and listen to the whisper of God. Your calling from Him is unique to you. Rest in that.

Lisa Whittle says this: “The more we look to a source other than God for peace, the less peaceful we will be.” So if we are listening to all the social hype about living our destiny, and we feel we don’t have one, or don’t know how to find it, use what you DO have and know, and then God will give you what you don’t know and what you need. We need not struggle with all the hype of destiny when we have a God that wants to reveal His direction for us. Leave yourself out of the equation. Let God be your guide to working where He is working. Your forward progress toward serving God is to love people. What we need within ourselves is the willingness to accept what that is for us. I have read many teachings about how self-talk can determine your destiny. I DO believe in self-talk but I believe it is speaking out the Word of God over our lives, not just telling myself how great we are and that we can do anything we want to do. I suppose we could do anything we want, but that wouldn’t be living the life God has called each of us to live out. That to me is leaving Him out of our live’s equation all together.

Let God light YOUR path. Ask Him!

Next time you hear a pastor or speaker talk about destiny, remember this; destiny seems to be the buzz word for Christian circles today. It tickles our thoughts toward something WE can do. I want you to begin to ask God about what He has for you to do. It may be small things that you become faithful in. It may be something big that scares you big time! But He is faithful to show us when we ask. I would encourage you not to get tied up in the idea of destiny and your future, but ask what God wants of you. The way you find that out isn’t by destiny, it is more of a deepening of your relationship with God and going to Him in prayer with your questions. It isn’t meant to be a struggle and stressful. It certainly isn’t meant to make you feel less than someone else because they have something you don’t. Or, they are doing something for the Lord that you think you should be doing. Remember, our service to God is individual. It just may be that you haven’t asked yet. Luke 11:9 says, “Ask and it will be given to you, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened to you. *Emphasis mine.

I think if may Christine Caine that said, “It is an ordinary life lived by extraordinary directions, direct from heaven to you where ever you are!” Now that is connection! I do however, feel the need to tell you that what God has for you to do requires something of you. It may be consistent study of the Word, it may be reorganizing your time, it may be that you make yourself more available. I have enjoyed one-on-one times with people that may need a listening ear, and maybe sharing something I have been through that can help them. It may also be mentoring a person for a while. It is where ever God calls me to be available. Begin today to ask God to show you what He wants you to be involved in, and where He wants you to join in His mission for the Kingdom. THAT, my friend, is what our lives are all about. Loving God and loving each other. If you think of destiny again, I hope you remember that it is an action word, but the Word needs to come from God for you. Don’t get hung up on that word. That isn’t God’s design for us. We use so many buzz words these days in the christian realm, that we begin to put our own spin on what it means and make up what WE think God would want us to do and ask God to bless it. That is not the way my friend.

Your road is unique. Live that out.

Don’t get stuck on destiny. In this day and age, we seem to want a label for everything. Don’t let that transfer over in to God’s design for you. Instead get your value and direction through prayer. Ask for specifics. It may really surprise you what God shows and reveals to you. He is our source and He knows your beginning from the end. He will make it clear. If you feel He hasn’t, then there may be more of YOU in the equation and not enough of God. God doesn’t make things hard for us. His way is simple. We are often the ones who make it difficult. Walk in the way He guides you and you will find a life you didn’t realize you could have. Don’t knock on His door once in a while, but knock and keep knocking and the door will open and you will find peace and joy in what He has for you to do. Take notes!! Write it down!

I sure enjoy what God has gifted uniquely to me in service to Him, and it brings me joy to share with those He brings in my path daily. God bless you as you find that joy in serving God in this way for yourselves.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “The Destiny Struggle

    1. Thank you stopping by to read the post. I would totally agree with you. It truly is the best way to live but it is hard for many not to get swayed into the busy and the “to do” things they think they have to do. I think we all come to that realization as we get older too. I hope you will stop by again!

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