Does Father Know Best?

There are times when God asks us to do something we may not feel inclined to do. We struggle with a yes or no within ourselves and often times look for a way out. This last weekend, I did a garage sale at our home. I dislike doing them because they are a lot of work, and it is usually work that I have to do pretty much alone. Know the feeling? But I wanted to share a story about the first day with you. I was called on to share something precious to me, with someone else. Read on for the story…

As I was looking over the set up of my garage sale, I felt it was in pretty good order and easy for people to see what we had. A car pulled up and two women got out and walked up to the sale and greeted us. One of the women was older than the other and she was open and talkative. She looked around and bought a couple of things while her friend, maybe daughter, looked at some other things. After paying, she looked around again and then asked if I had any horse shoes. She was looking for a horse shoe to use at her little place she bought. She was Irish and was decorating the house in that style; even the coloring on the outside she said. She wanted one to put above her door going into her house because that brought in good luck to her home. She had been looking for a long time to find one and none to be found. If she found one she might even paint it green to match the color of her house. She loved her cute little house. So there’s that.

Now, when she said that, I told her I didn’t have any in the sale. But then the Holy Spirit tapped my shoulder and reminded me that I DID have one. In the house and ready to put up on MY entry. When I was visiting Norway, I wanted to get one from there, but that proved difficult for me as a visitor. So I came home from Norway without one. However, on one of our visits to local thrift store, I did find one and purchased it. It was in good shape too. So as I got the tap-tap on my shoulder it was like. sigh… really??? I was going to put that up on my entry. As quick as I said that to myself, compassion was given me and I thought how special it would be to share mine with her. So I excused myself and went in and got it and brought it out for her. I asked her if this would work for her, and oh my…she was so excited and even more excited for the price. I think she thanked me a few times before getting in her car to leave. So there is that.

You see, what I find out every time God taps my shoulder and I obey His direction, He will give me what He wants me to have. But I have to have open hands to share others things too. He may ask us to do something contrary to what we want to do. But He always has something good in mind for us. Here is the sweet kicker to this story…as my hubby and I made a trip to a Scandinavian community not far from us just a few weeks ago, low and behold, I found this sweet little horse shoe that says Norge (Norway) on it with a couple of hooks for something to hang on; probably keys. But I thought I could put this INSIDE my entry to our home and hang some hand dipped candles from a couple of the hooks. I wondered at such a fun find but accepted it as another sweet find God gave me. Little did I know what it was replacing! It will look so cute when I get my candles. It is up in my home but candles are yet to be added. Coming attraction.

So you see, He replaced what He asked me to share. Even though the outcome is a bit different than that horse shoe being for me, He wanted me to bless this lady who probably doesn’t get out that much on her own to find exactly what she was looking for. Pretty cool, huh? Will I ever get the one for the outside of my door? I believe I will and it will be just the right one at the right time!

You see, if we are to have that relationship with Him, then we need to be obedient to what He tells us. When we do, He will take care of us in ways we can’t imagine or foresee. He may ask you to share something, even favorite item, or go to a place you least expect, help someone in need, stop the car because you feel like you are suppose to help someone close by, and He asks that we be open and obedient to His leading.

I have to say that her reaction to the horse shoe was worth everything to see her excitement in getting “just what she was looking for”. God is like that, and that is what I told her. So who knows? Maybe the garage sale was just for that sweet lady to get something her heart had been desiring for a long time, and… to Bayshore House she came!

I love this story and how it reminds me of God’s goodness. May this story guide you one step closer to following the leading of the Holy Spirit when He speaks to you. Its fun! It’s an adventure! And…always rewarding! Make a choice to always put God’s will ahead of what you might want to do, or NOT do. He DOES knows best!

Until next time…



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