Distractions and Real Life

I am sitting at my new work station set up, and thought I would stop my working on the room and sit down and write. I’m sorry with the move to be so inconsistent.

I’m sure you have all had times where you have something planned and then life happens. We can’t always anticipate those times. For today’s purpose, I am not referring to those situations. So…let’s settle back for a few and see what this post is all about.

What we know is that unexpected things are one thing, but distractions are a whole other ball game, and they come in all forms. For example, today I am home alone in the house which doesn’t happen often. I have my very own schedule to work with and that is it. Because this doesn’t happen often, I want to enjoy it to the max and still get a few things done. However, we also know that even the best intentions sometimes go sideways. For me, there was the distraction of nice weather outside, and the possibility of a cool drink on the deck. Sounded wonderful to me. Then? Too hot out there, so I come in. Now, I have to cool down so I sit for a few. My devotions are right next to my chair, but I didn’t pick them up. Instead, I put a load of laundry in for my little trip. Yes, that needs to be done, but I had plenty of time to do the laundry AFTER I had my devotions. Or what about this senario? I know I should pick up my Bible more often than I do. And over all I do that. But do I have my devotions with my phone open and let outside distractions and influences with a scroll on Facebook, or any other social media take first place of my devotion time? Have you been there?

Maybe we need to sometimes let dishes go, or our bed go unmade, or any number of things, so that, we are ready for what God has for us during our quest time. He may want to prepare us for another type of moment that will bless someone else and in the process bless us. Maybe you have errands to run and the Holy Spirit nudges you to stop by a friend’s house while you are out, or to give them a call, but you have the errands in mind and away you go without that stop or phone call.

Today, I received a phone call and I spent a long, enjoyable time in phone conversation with a friend I hadn’t talked to for a long time. It would be a bit normal for me to do some things while taking, but today, I just sat down and enjoyed that time. I felt like I was being reminded to just listen. It felt good to zero in on where my attention was supposed to be…present with my friend. I don’t want to be so distracted that I am not present with someone. That isn’t the type of person I want to be. I also want to be present in my day so I have less distractions; things that pull me away from what God has for me each day. If I am doing that, then God graciously gives me time to get it all done. If I use my time well, I will be made aware of what is bumping into my time. We could save ourselves a lot of guilt if we controlled our distractions more. Distractions keep us from meaning, purpose, and satisfaction. Become more aware of what YOUR distractions are.

Joshua Becker says, “Become real with yourself.” I think that is something I have been encouraged by God to do a number of years ago. I have to quit justifying myself with distractions. Be real with myself and honest enough to really look at what is distracting me. I’m sure some of you can relate to that. I have been praying about my distractions. So what I am feeling is, God has been telling me to slow down all along. Sit outside when you can and enjoy what you see and hear around you. Be present and don’t wear yourself out with all the duties of life. They will still be there. Leave guilt behind. It doesn’t help us change. We have to leave what is behind and look to what is ahead. Ahead is where change can happen.

Moving into a different house always brings stress. I have fun putting it together, but I find myself focusing on things that aren’t all that important in the long run. I can’t do it all at once, so I am learning to celebrate the little joys. Taking a ride in the area and relax by the water somewhere is enjoyable. And…if I want to start my day out on the deck with a mocha and enjoy the quiet, then that is what I do. I stay and enjoy the soft wind and wind chimes and the birds and squirrels that visit us. I love the running water feature that sits on the deck. I am always grateful for the tap on the shoulder when I start to justify why I can’t do those things. So… since I have a couple of beautiful places to sit and enjoy the view, I do. I take my quiet time out there. I try to plan my day around “pauses” in the day and find myself much more in tune with what God wants me to be about doing and I feel so much happier about my day. I don’t have to strive to make it happy. It just is.

Obedience turns into a response to the love of our God rather than a duty to perform for Him.” Jennie Allen I believe that watching for the distractions in our lives that we can control, is a way of being obedient to what we need to do. Satan loves to keep us distracted so we aren’t available to do what we need to be doing. Or make our minds go in several different directions when we are trying to be present with Him. We have to tell him more often to take a hike. What are your distractions? Be real with yourself. You can’t make changes that are good ones if you are always distracted by the shiny things going on around you, or, being in denial about those activities that distract you.

What are your “stuck” places? Those pesky distractions that keep you from the changes needed, or being in the place God wants to work through you? Or, maybe the place or time where God wants to bless you with a quiet moment or an activity you feel like doing. I know over the last several months after moving, it has been a bit overwhelming and there have been distractions keeping me from writing and my reading schedule. But when I look at the time I have used doing some of activities, it is clear that satan doesn’t want me to read or to write…it might help me and possibly others that read it. He doesn’t want me focusing on the good, but he would rather me focus on the crazy world around me. He doesn’t want me to have peace and calmness in my life. He loves chaos because he knows we will accomplish less in our lives and feel more let down when we ignore what we know we should be doing. Sound familiar? I don’t think I am the only one.

So my encouragement for you today is to eliminate what slows down your opportunity to enjoy your day, rather than, not want to face it because of feeling overwhelmed and then guilty for not getting things done. I know that isn’t the kind of lifestyle God wants for any of us. Be honest with yourself and the ways you might fulfill your distraction quotient. Take that break with a cup of tea, or coffee, and listen for the still small voice that tells you to do something for someone else that day, or to spend time with Him. Then, watch what happens to you and your attitude. You will find joy in the results and your spirit will be lifted by the very action you take.

I know this has helped me just writing this post. I hope and pray that it will find its way to your heart as well. Thank you for being faithful readers! I so appreciate you stopping by. I pray for my readers and if there is specific situations you need prayer for, please drop them in the comments here on the blog and I will be happy to add them to my prayer list.

Be about a life with less distractions!

Until next time,



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