Fall Brings Change

I always enjoy watching the changes as Fall turns its attention toward winter. All the color changes, cooler weather and comfy clothes. It also reminds that change isn’t so bad. It can be beautiful as well as challenging. Just as the colors change and we can enjoy the beauty, we also know that it is only a season. Hopefully, there are changes we make that are more permanent…you know those pesky ones that keep coming up in our spirit that we could benefit from permanently changing? Let’s look at this a little closer.

How do you celebrate Fall? Or are you one that doesn’t look forward to the colder weather and the challenges it can bring for you? Well… you are talking to a cool weather person right here. I love the cooler weather and and the beauty of snow. I know. I know. You want summer and the beach. But let’s see if we can come up with a different perspective on the Fall leading into Winter.

Here is a list that I enjoy for myself:

First of all, notice the changes and enjoy it. Notice the colors, and know that as flowers die back, they will come again in the spring. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t enjoy Fall colors if they are looking for the beauty of Fall changes.

Examine your attitude. Maybe it is more you than the Fall/Winter Season. Only you know what you need to do to help lift your spirit to get an attitude shift.

Take time to try different recipes. Get out that slow cooker or Instant Pot if you are a work outside of the home person.

When you are home, cook something that is an all day cooking pot recipe and enjoy a taste here and there as you cook and get taste tests and make it just like you like.

Try making some home made bread. Saves money too. If worried about it turning out, borrow a bread machine or get yours out of the back of the cupboard. 😉 Makes the house smell so good.

Wear warm cozy clothes and socks.

Read a book that you have thought about or bought and haven’t had the time to read.

Light some candles and create a nice ambiance for yourself.

Plug in some small miniature lights to enjoy.

Get a sweet fragrance in your home with essential oils wafting into the air.

Hot chocolate or apple cider for the evenings or while you cook.

Do a craft project.

Work on genealogy if that is something you are interested in. Or just begin a search.

Pull out the sweaters and hat and scarf.

Change out your closet for the seasons clothes so you don’t have to sort through your closet to find something cozy to wear.

Make a list of plans for your Christmas. This year may take a lot more planning.

Turn on some favorite music for those quiet moments or while cooking or doing chores.

If you knit or crochet, make something as a gift or maybe an afghan to cuddle up in.

Upscale a spot in your home to give it a new look and see how you can do it on a budget.

Take an online class in a subject you enjoy.

Bundle up and go for an evening walk with your household. Find something you haven’t noticed before and take a picture.

Brew some tea or special coffee and enjoy the sunset or what they call golden hour.

Sit outside with a fire going and a hot drink and take in your surroundings.

Make a special breakfast on the weekend. I just made some great Norwegian pancakes yesterday and I will certainly make them again.

I would add for myself, to read the Bible and a good devotional with a cuppa in hand and not just read it, but contemplate its’ meaning to yourself.

Make sure you have winter wear so you are ready to still enjoy it but can stay warm.

Let the nostalgic enter your front door!

I could go on and on…because these are things I have learned to do for myself. I have always rewarded myself in ways that lift my spirit. It keeps my soul happy and keeps me looking up. Please share some of the things you might do for yourself and family. It would be fun to hear about them. Share them in the comments.

I have had some fun activity with a friend of mine and our cameras. It has been very enjoyable and just getting out and taking pictures makes my heart happy. You can see the beauty through the lens of a camera, capture it, and forever be changed by it. It is my hope that just sharing some ideas with you, will give you a new perspective or a reminder to make your own list of things you want to enjoy this season.

You know, sometimes our change has to come from deep within us. We have to be willing to be honest with ourselves and face those things in our life that keep us from the very change we want to have. I have to be THAT willing before I will see consistent change. I can do anything for a short time, but it won’t be lasting unless I face what is keeping it from making a successful move toward the changes I want to see. My number one mistake is thinking I can do it by myself. I CAN help myself, and I can move to some change, but long lasting change? That requires me to look within myself to see what is keeping me from moving forward. I might look different to myself as I move into and embrace the changes, but I know from experience, dropping this things which hold me back can also be the very thing that will move me forward. It is rather my life being like the tree… the leaves will die off my branches, I can see beauty as they fall because I know in the spring of my change journey, that I will grow back better and healthier than I ever was! So I encourage you to take a deep dive into your heart and soul and discover this journey for yourselves. Embrace the change. God sees you and will assist you in the process if you ask Him to do that. Ask Him to show you what is keeping you from moving forward. I write this as I just get a call from my doctor’s office on lab results. To say I’m not thrilled with the report I got would be an understatement. So…now I must consider changes that are not in my wheelhouse. However, if I want the quality of life and the life I desire in years to come, I must make those changes. So I am digging into what makes this girl resist the results I have just received. I have to have a big talk with myself and practice the very things I shared today. Look deeper and be honest with myself about the reasons I need to make those changes.

These Fall views are for a short time. Enjoy them, and even though your winter may be upon you, it doesn’t have to scary or fearful. He has told us He will never leave us or forsake us. We are covered!! As one of my favorite songs by the Gaither Vocal Band says, “He will bring us out, to bring us in!” So ask Him to bring you out of the things that keep you from changing from the inside, to bring you out so your changes can be more permanent. And…so you can live long and enjoy the life God has planned for you. May God help you and me to do just that!

Until next time…



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