Lean Toward the Sunshine

It is another week; a four-day week if you are working! That’s a big yay!! I hope it is a fantastic week for each of you.

I saw something this weekend that I thought applied to our lives, and as soon as I saw it, the Holy Spirit gave me a message. So, I want to share it with you and the visual I saw that gives you the message visually with your eyes as you read it.

So, look carefully at the photo at the lead of this page. This a chocolate mint plant. We have been trying to protect our plants and flowers from the heat we have had to endure for the last couple of weeks. But what I want you to notice is how the plant is somewhat shaded, but it is leaning toward the sun. It wants to find the sunlight. I turned it around so the stems wouldn’t get too damaged by leaning out so far. Look what happened. The plant started seeking the sun from the other side.

This is the lesson I received: We are like that plant, or we SHOULD be like that plant. We should be seeking the Sonlight every day no matter where we are. We need to lean into the light so we can grow and be healthy in our growth and relationship with Jesus. Now… we think this is because the plant wants to get the sunlight. That is true. But did you know that while it leans into the sun, it is actually growing faster on the shaded side? Also, did you know that the cells on the shaded side grow faster than on the side leaning toward the sun?

So what is the lesson? I think we always need to be leaning into Jesus, who is our Light and our Source. We need His Light to stream over our life. We need to constantly be looking for that Light in our everyday living. Isn’t it interesting that the growth that happens is on the shaded side? To me this means that we aren’t always going to see that growth on our shaded side. However, if we keep seeking the Light, which is Jesus, then we are going to grow to be healthy in our relationship with our Lord. We also need the watering of the Holy Spirit to sustain us as well and keep us refreshed to handle when life hits.

It’s a simple thought but very profound; and isn’t that how God works? He uses the simple things to give us wisdom. Now that you have been reminded, lean into the Light this week and every day after this. Allow Jesus to flood you with His Light and even though you can’t see it, He is working the night shift on our shaded side, growing strong and sturdy for His purposes.

Lean into the Sonshine! 

Until next time…