What Are Your Reminders?


IMG_5563Recently, I read a blog about post-it notes and how this blogger, BecktoBasics, used them in her daily life and how it reminded her of other things she had in her home that were reminders also.  It got me to thinking.  I happen to use them in my office quite a bit.  My whole house is full of thoughts, reminders, encouragement, and love and so I thought I would share some of them with you.  Maybe it will spur you on to share some of your own!  The above photo is one of my reminders that I wear daily.  Pray Always.  My husband has a matching ring that I presented to us for our 10th anniversary.  I put his on his finger, and he put mine on my hand.

So here are some of mine from my home…

P1020173  In my office:

  • Find the Wonderful in Today
  • Live with Passion
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Light – word for the year one year
  • Journey – my life word
  • Believe –
  • God Speed – something my pastors who were my growing up pastor and his son who was my pastor for early adult years said to me each Sunday.
  • Faith
  • Dream
  • Love
  • Enjoy the Journey
  • Celebrate – word of the year one year
  • The Rest of Your Life Begins Today – hangs up above my door going out of my office
  • Imagine – The larger word sits in my window sill of my office
  • Everything is possible for him who believes
  • All hail love
  • Do one thing everyday that makes you happy – quilted and framed
  • Focus – 2015 word of the year

P1020077  In my kitchen:

  • Joy
  • Christ is the head of this house – by the kitchen window
  • Have you prayed about it? – I see it above my stove.
  • Fresh – above my stove
  • Norwegian Prayer – from my son – hangs on my wall by the coffee/mocha maker
  • God Bless Our Home
  • Livingroom:
  • Every day is a gift
  • Trust, Love, Faith, Hope – decorative balls w/the word and bible verse, that lay in a wooden bowl on the coffee tableIMG_2774



  • Home Sweet Home where each lives for the other and they all live for Christ. – From my parent’s home and now in mine.
  • Always Kiss Me Good Night – reminder to my hubby and I


  • Blest are those who trust in the Lord
  • A Christian Friend is…


  • Renew
  • Marriage Prayer

I have always been one to encourage myself through visual reminders and these in my home are part of my day.  I DO read them when I go by.  It’s part of my devotions and living in gratitude each day.  I also have colored glass that I enjoy seeing the light pass through.  Reminds me who my Light is and what He has done for me.  Sometimes God will bless us through a sign we read as we are driving somewhere.  There are many, many opportunities to be encouraged.  I hope this has inspired you to read your reminders and maybe share some of them here!  God bless you through your many reminders this week!

Walking the journey with you…