Reflections of Light

I have always enjoyed light and how it plays on glass or crystal and then reflects back out into a room. Today as I was experimenting with photography for my post for my JoAnn’s Photoscapes 365 Project, I came up with this idea of reflecting light from the bottom through a lavender shaped diamond and glass base. As I did this, I was reminded of the importance of light in our lives. Light shines into the dark places so that we can see. It can bring reflections of color that cascade across the room.

Light applies to us in our daily lives. God is our light in the darkness and He will always shine light into our darkness and help us see His will and His ways if we ask Him. Don’t let another day go by without asking Him to shine light and wisdom into your life so that you can lead the life that He desires for you. He wants to bring reflections of many colors into your life so you in turn can pass that joyful light on to someone else. I want to be the light to those that I come into contact with on a daily basis. Won’t you join me to be the light to someone who needs it today?

God bless you as you put color into your day. I would love to hear how your day is changed by letting your light shine!


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