Memories and Nostalgia

Guardian Angel from Childhood

Did you know that nostalgia is a mood booster? Researchers at the University of Southhampton in the UK have found that nostalgia is a potent mood booster. Usually our memories involve special people in our lives and because of that, they may give us a comforting sense of belonging. People who have a tendency toward being nostalgic will often times experience their past as positive. Naturally nostalgic people have high esteem and less prone to have difficulties with depression. They usually cope with problems more effectively. Wouldn’t we all like a taste of that?

Why am I talking about memories and nostalgia today? I have come to understand the importance of these things in my life. I love my childhood years and even the tougher times growing up were something that I can see positive results from their mark on my life. I have begun to understand myself more in view of these memories. I enjoy having memories in a tangible form in my home where I can look at them and invoke the memory that is associated with them. When I do, I am so thankful to God for what He has done in my life. Who do you recall having touched your heart in a special way and changed your life journey? Do you have something in your home that brings comfort and a smile to your face when you look at it? If having these things around me helps me to be a more positive individual, then that explains to me why I have so many of them throughout my home. What a gentle way God speaks!

I have a goal of “drinking from the good glasses” this year. Enjoy the moment with a grateful heart! Whether I am drinking ice tea or water, I use my crystal glasses; some from my grandmother. If I am drinking a mocha, I am drinking from beautiful cups. Take those special times and people, and thank God that He placed them in your life. And then, think on the your legacy. What do you want to be remembered for? When are grateful for what God has given us, and we thank Him for it, then we will live in the blessing of that life. We will want to leave a legacy of memories and nostalgia behind for our children, grandchildren,  family and friends. Would you do me a favor? Would you share with me a person who has touched your life, or a bit of nostalgia, that makes you pause for a moment or puts a smile on your face? I would love to hear the stories.

Each day is an opportunity for you to make wonderful memories. I pray God richly blesses you today as you take a stroll down memory lane.


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