One of My Favorite People ~ Helene Phifer

Years ago, I heard Helene speak at a conference that I went to and as I listened to her speak, I decided then, that I would somehow get to know this woman better. Now I was just a little up and coming sprout looking to start a business. She was speaking as a Sales Trainer for the company that I worked for at the time. The likelihood of me meeting her would be mighty slim. But God has a way of bringing about the desires of our hearts, and so whenever she came anywhere near my area, I would go and hear her speak. I showed up in her audience more times than I can count. She would look out in the sea of faces and there I would be! I went all the way to California one time to attend a conference she was speaking at! And as God works, I was able to be her driver because they were there without transportation and I had driven down. God is so good!

What was so special about Helene? She looks you right in the eye when you talk and she is attentive to what you are saying. When she was speaking, she would remember your names and facts that you shared and could list several of them as she talked. She could weave a story like none other and would keep you glued to her every word. She had great wit and sense of humor. She was a lady in all sense of the word and had such classy. You just wanted to be around her. She would instill confidence at a level that just met a deep need in your heart. Oh, and did I mention that she talks to her flowers? Yes she does and you know, I think they listen because she has the greenest thumb I know!

Since that time, I have written most every week, but she is forgiving when I miss, I have had hundreds of long phone conversations with her, and I have shared my deepest secrets and longings with her. She listens, guides softly and inspires me to keep going. I want to be like her. A great love for the Lord, gracious in all ways, wonderful hospitality and makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world. She has influenced me in ways she may never know. I still talk to her as often as I can and she continues to touch my life. I can’t think of any better tribute to Helene then to write this and say that I love her very much. I know that God placed her in my life as one of those treasures that He knows I need to make it along the pathway of my life. God bless her richly, is my prayer.


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